How to add WooCommerce products to Amazon?


So, you have a great WooCommerce store on your WordPress website. Now is the time to expand your products to different markets to increase your overall reach. One of the best ways to do this is to add WooCommerce products to amazon Marketplace.

Face it; there is no simple way to get your products on multiple markets. That is, until now. In previous years, you would have to configure everything separately in each place.

This leads to a lot of wasted time, effort, and money. Now, there is a much faster and easier way to accomplish this. You now can use a WooCommerce integration plugin. You can now easily submit your WooCommerce store to other marketplaces using Amazon WooCommerce plugin.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use Woosa Amazon WooCommerce plugin to sync woocommerce products to amazon Marketplace quickly and easily. Let’s go deeper.

Why Add WooCommerce Products to Amazon Marketplace

There are several large marketplaces where you can sell your products online. That said, Amazon Marketplace is the largest and has the potential to reach the most people.

If you have a WooCommerce store on your WordPress website, you will want to consider WooCommerce and Amazon integration. By adding your online store’s products to Amazon, you’ll gain a larger audience and a higher chance of getting noticed.

Expanding into this market and others in the future is a great way to grow your audience, followers, business, and sales. This is not as difficult as you think. All you must do is download Woosa Amazon WooCommerce plugin and set it up. Before you know it, you will have all your products on Amazon Marketplace.

Let’s take a look at how to add WooCommerce products to Amazon.

Note: This tutorial assumes you have a WooCommerce store setup and an Amazon seller account.

If you don’t have an Amazon seller account just follow this tutorial:

WooCommerce Products to Amazon Marketplaces

Woosa Amazon WooCommerce plugin is a very powerful tool that will allow you to send your products and details from your WooCommerce store to Amazon Marketplace. It allows you to list and sell your products on Amazon in a managed way from your website.

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you can easily create product feeds from your WooCommerce products or individual products and then upload them directly to your Amazon seller account.

This plugin covers everything you need to integrate WooCommerce with Amazon successfully. Specifically, any e-commerce site can take advantage of Amazon channels thanks to the Woosa Amazon WooCommerce plugin.

But what is WooCommerce, and how does it work?

WooCommerce is the WordPress plugin known for its ability to turn a blog or website into a real online store.

A truly intuitive and versatile e-commerce platform used by professionals and individuals. WooCommerce is free and can also be extended and integrated through modules.

Installing it is very simple; search for “WooCommerce” in de plugin repository of WordPress, from your WordPress dashboard.

Once installed, as with other plugins, WooCommerce will guide us step-by-step in configuring our store.

It will therefore be possible to configure the pages, the store’s location, the shipping settings of the goods and also the section dedicated to payments.

This tool is immediately very intuitive, as it can generate the sections where the customer can find the purchases made, their cart and their profile were to enter the directions for the shipment of the goods.

In short, with a few simple clicks, you will have a shop ready and running. All of this is WooCommerce!

How to add WooCommerce products to Amazon? Plugin Integration

Amazon WooCommerce plugin supports various Amazon marketplaces around the world. WooCommerce Product to Amazon supports the following marketplaces:

  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • France
  • Turkey
  • Sweden and 
  • Italy.

Once you’re up and running, your WooCommerce to Amazon integration will make your products easily available worldwide. Let’s look at how to install, activate and configure the plugin.

Install and activate the plugin

To easily integrate WooCommerce to Amazon, you must first install and activate the plugin from above. You can do this by going to the plugin page and downloading it.

Download Amazon WooCommerce plugin

Install and activate the WooCommerce plugin for Amazon

Install and activate the WooCommerce plugin for Amazon

Once the plugin has been installed and activated, you will see a tab called “Amazon” under WooCommerce > Settings. This will be located in the left menu of the dashboard.

Let’s start with configuring the general plugin settings of the Amazon WooCommerce plugin.

From here, we can adjust some settings.

Amazon WooCommerce plugin Setup

Amazon WooCommerce plugin Setup

To complete the plugin setup you need:

  • Seller ID
  • MWS Token

Once you have entered your credentials, just choose the Amazon marketplace.

That’s it for the setup. From here, you should have a firm understanding of the whole plugin and how it works. Start shipping your products to Amazon and watch your sales grow!

It is a very smart idea to integrate your WooCommerce store with Amazon. By doing so, you will be able to reach a larger audience and increase sales over time.

You no longer have to go through creating and then recreating all of your products. Now you can use a fantastic WooCommerce to Amazon integration plugin that will do all the heavy lifting for you in a matter of minutes.

I hope this tutorial has shown you how to add WooCommerce products to Amazon.

Have you ever used this plugin to integrate the two? Have you been recreating everything from scratch to sell on Amazon Marketplace?



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