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Import Matterhorn products to WooCommerce

Fashion dropshipping is one of the most profitable and popular niches within the eCommerce industry. Of course, the most important benefit of dropshipping is that you can sell fashion products without the need to keep inventory, so you don’t have to do big investments upfront. The main challenge is finding a good fashion dropshipping supplier and this is where Matterhorn Moda comes in.

Matterhorn Moda dropshipping

Matterhorn Moda is a European clothing wholesaler that offers a wide range of women’s fashion products for dropshipping. They carry over 25.000 high-quality fashion products, mostly made in Europe. Just choose the categories or individual products that you want, import them to your webshop and you can immediately start selling, without purchasing a large inventory first. The product descriptions and the free product photos that Matterhorn supplies you with, will be imported to your webshop fully automatically if you want that.

With most products being manufactured in Europe, Matterhorn is a high-quality fashion wholesaler. They carry a wide range of fashion styles for your dropshipping store, with the latest collections of women’s lingerie & underwear, swimsuits, trendy shoes, and even accessories.

Whether you run a high-end women’s boutique shop, a trendy fashion store, or even a maternity clothes dropshipping business, Matterhorn has high-quality products for every women’s fashion niche you can imagine. And with the Matterhorn Moda dropshipping plugin it is super easy to start selling right away!

Automate your fashion drop shipping webshop

Uploading products, updating stock, and managing your pricing and margins can be very time-consuming, but manual work is unnecessary with the Matterhorn dropshipping plugin for WooCommerce. The Matterhorn WooCommerce plugin for WordPress automatically synchs product stock, and your incoming orders will be transferred to Matterhorn automatically. From there on, Matterhorn will send the products directly to your end customer all over the world, they will arrange returns, and this way, your entire drop shipping process is automated. You only have to focus on the important part of having a drop shipping business: making sales!

No minimum order and real-time stock updates

At Matterhorn, you can choose from over 25000 high-quality fashion products from top brands and the best thing is that there is no minimum order required. With 100 new arrivals every day and 24h assortment updates at Matterhorn, you want to make sure these new products automatically also appear in your dropshipping store every day. That’s why the Matterhorn WooCommerce plugin does real-time stock updates, with a maximum delay of 5 minutes from when Matterhorn itself updates its stock.

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Within the settings of the Matterhorn WooCommerce plugin, you can select which product categories you would like to import. We will import all the fashion products within that particular category.

Yes, orders will also be sent to Matterhorn based on the WooCommerce plugin settings.

For example, you can manage the trigger of ‘sending orders automatically’ in the WooCommerce plugin settings. You have to makes sure that ‘sending orders automatically’ is also configured correctly in the settings of the WordPress plugin.

Matterhorn supports world wide shipping. However the XML feed URL of the product import is bound to a language, due to product content. Therefore we ask you to choose the country where you are going to sell, before you start importing the products.

Once the order is shipped by Matterhorn you will receive the track & trace of the shipment. After that you can also inform your customer about the status of the order. The track & trace will also be shown within the particular WooCommerce order as a Custom Field, with that you can add the field to an email template for example and inform your customer.

Our Matterhorn WooCommerce plugin knows which products you have imported from Matterhorn to WooCommerce. We also see when Matterhorn does a change in the API feed for that particular product, as a result we only update when it’s necessary. The following product information is automatically updated:

  • Prezzo B2B
  • Prezzo
  • Categoria
  • Immagini
  • Titolo
  • Descrizione
  • Scorte di magazzino

Hai intenzione di modificare le informazioni del prodotto, per esempio la descrizione, le immagini e la categoria? Allora puoi abilitare l'opzione - nelle impostazioni del plugin - per non aggiornare automaticamente quelle informazioni dal feed XML. Questo eviterà che le tue modifiche vengano sovrascritte.

Matterhorn updates their stock every 2 hours and our plugin fetches those updates hourly. Our plugin needs maximum 5 minutes to process this data, so this is basically real-time as soon as the data is received. Of course the actual time it takes to update the stock also depends on your server. A good server will process it faster while a weak server will do it slowly. For advice about hosting, please check out this blog article.

Yes, you can sell the Matterhorn products also to any marketplace you would like. Our plugin imports all the necessary data, for instance EAN and SKU codes.