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Would you like to offer the products in your WooCommerce webshop on Then use our plugin to automate this process!

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Do you want to generate more turnover with your webshop? Then the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress is indispensable! is the store for all of us and has a wide product range. It is therefore interesting for every webshop to sell its products via the website.

The WooCommerce plugin, allows you to easily sell your products via the website. The website has more than 1 million unique visitors per month. An effective way of marketing with good results. also supports shipping by making delivery notes available, but also supports the return procedure. Very easy!

Publish, change or delete products from

The WooCommerce plugin allows you to publish, change or remove WooCommerce products from Everything is possible:

  • No action, nothing will be done with the WooCommerce product
  • Publish, publish the WooCommerce product at
  • Update price, change the sale price on
  • Update reference code, change the intern reference of the product at
  • Pause / Unpause, pause the product for sale on
  • Delete, delete the product voor sale on

You can manage your complete product range on from your WooCommerce environment. Even if the products have already been published on and you will later use our WooCommerce plugin, the product will be a.d.v. recognizes the EAN code and is automatically linked. orders are automatically imported into WooCommerce

Recognize orders by the check mark in the column. Because orders are loaded into the WooCommerce order overview, all regular processes – such as creating a PDF invoice or forwarding the order to your accounting program – take place in the normal way.

With a new return from, you will automatically receive a notification

Handling returns also determines the number you receive from Each return can easily be canceled after receipt, so that is also aware of this and can pass the processing on to the consumer.

Determine which data you want and don’t want in your WooCommerce backend

  • Publish products, do you want to be able to publish the products from WooCommerce to
  • Import orders, do you want to import orders via into your WooCommerce order overview?
  • Import invoices, do you want to import the invoices with your commission into WooCommerce?
  • Import returns, do you want to import the returns from into WooCommerce and receive automatic notifications?
  • Display commission, do you want to show the commission at order level for internal knowledge?
  • Exclude VAT, do you want to turn the VAT on or off when importing orders?

This way you have a lot of flexibility in using our WooCommerce plugin.

Main plugin functionalities

  • Automatically recognize EAN code via the SKU, product attribute or a Custom Field
  • Bulk edit / publication of products
  • Placing your products of choice on
  • Automatically adding orders to your WooCommerce webshop from
  • You can determine your own sales price and shipping costs
  • Automatic return via
  • 2-way synchronization between WooCommerce and
  • Fully integrated with the latest API version 3.0 from WooCommerce plugin addons

Woosa is official plugin partner of

We are proud to be recommended by as a plugin partner for WooCommerce and integration. As a result, we are always aware of the latest developments and can provide better support.
More about this you can read on the partnersite of

Why sell via

Today millions of Dutch and Belgians shop at They can choose from items within more than 20 product categories. also helps thousands of entrepreneurs to sell online through our store. has long since ceased to fit in that portababin – with hundreds of employees – and has grown from an online bookstore to a store where you can find almost everything you are looking for.

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Would you like to offer the products in your WooCommerce webshop on Then use our plugin to automate this process!

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