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What Says about Woosa

The focus at is very strong on strengthening the (partner) platform / network. We do this by making our platform better for the partners ourselves, but we also look beyond just our own tools. We also see the power of the network around the network. Parties like Woosa who can strengthen the network with smart handy tools at a good price by benefiting our partners and thus us. Woosa came to us at just the right moment with the right energy and more importantly with the right idea.

Nick Enthoven / Technical Account Manager @

Easily Publish and Edit Products from WooCommerce

Automate your Online Business and Increase Sales via

Automate Order Handling and Mark your Order as Shipped

Take Control of your Selling Account and WooCommerce webshop is the biggest marketplace in the Netherlands and Belgium. Selling your products also via, means reaching over 10 million (unique) visitors each month.

One of the biggest benefits of is their pricing model. They charge you based on a CPS, on other words you only pay a commission once you sell a product via their platform.

The challenge of having a WooCommerce webshop and a selling account is synchronizing important product and order information. Updating manually is not an option if you ask me!

Therefore we have developed and maintained our WooCommerce plugin. To make it as easy as possible for you, to run an online business with at least 2 selling channels. In this way you will safe money and time, so that you can focus on the important things: increase sales

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Very satisfied about the -> Woocommerce plugin

Very satisfied with the plugin. As a result, we have been able to fully automate a webshop in Woocommerce of our customer, so that the customer no longer has to place manual orders in their own webshop. The WOOSA team is very friendly and has an excellent team of specialists who can be reached by telephone at any time for technical questions.

Bart Leegwater / WO Lease

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got a question about our WooCommerce plugin? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions and answers below.

Does the WooCommerce plugin work with Variable Products?

Yes, the WooCommerce plugin works with both Simple and Variable products.

How often will orders be imported? orders are imported automatically every 10 minutes into WooCommerce.

Can I publish products to in bulk edit?

Yes, we have added multiple bulk actions in the default bulk actions of WooCommerce. Such as: publish a product, change price, update stock amount and many more.

Will the EAN code be recognized automatically?

Yes, you can retrieve an EAN code within WooCommerce from a Custom Field, Attribute or SKU.

Can I disable the import of orders?

Of course, you can disable everything you want. Even if you disable the import of orders, the stock amount will still be updated automatically.

How can I connect two accounts in one WooCommerce webshop?

If you sell to both the Netherlands as Belgium, you will probably have two separate seller accounts. Luckily you can connect both accounts in one WooCommerce environment with our multi-account addon.