Selling on Kaufland marketplace in 2023

Selling on Kaufland marketplace

Selling on marketplaces is becoming increasingly popular. Partly due to the corona crisis, these platforms are occupying an increasingly strong position within the e-commerce landscape and dominating the market. This is reflected in the market shares of the various marketplaces, of which Kaufland is one of the largest and fastest-growing in Germany. The online marketplace is actively looking for more Dutch sellers. And for a reason.

In this blog, you will discover all about selling on Kaufland marketplace and what Kaufland is all about.

What is Kaufland?

Kaufland was founded in 1968. It is a supermarket chain with more than 1,300 physical shops in Europe and an online marketplace.

With as many as 32 million unique visitors and 7000 active sellers on a monthly basis, Kaufland is Germany’s second largest marketplace. The e-commerce branch operates under the banner of and has a gross merchandise value of over one billion.

Why selling on Kaufland marketplace is an opportunity for new business abroad

Why selling on Kaufland marketplace is an opportunity for new business abroad

Germany is the world’s third largest exporter, has the largest economy in Europe and is one of Europe’s largest e-commerce markets. Comparing the German e-commerce market to that of the Netherlands, it is as much as five times larger.
Germany has around 85 million inhabitants, about three-quarters of whom live in the border region of North Rhine-Westphalia. So there are a huge number of new potential customers to reach through the Kaufland platform.

Kaufland is an established name in Germany. It experienced exponential growth the moment it took over marketplace Anno 2022, this growth is still continuing. Kaufland is part of Schwarz Group and is among the largest retailers in Europe.

This gives you as an entrepreneur endless opportunities to use the brand awareness of Kaufland marketplace, expand your sales market abroad and increase your turnover. Selling on Kaufland in Germany means an enormous boost for your business.

What products can you offer on Kaufland marketplace?

With over 25 million different products in more than 5,000 product categories, there is a category for almost every entrepreneur to offer products under. Kaufland divides categories into the product groups: electronics, garden & DIY, kitchen & household, baby & child, living, fashion, drugstore, sports, car and food & drink.

How does selling through Kaufland marketplace work?

Registering as a seller on Kaufland marketplace works simply by linking your webshop or other e-commerce system to Kaufland. However, please note that you need to meet strict requirements for full admission. We would like to list these requirements for you.

The location of your head office

To sell as a seller on Kaufland marketplace, your company must be based in the European Union or Switzerland. Kaufland marketplace does not accept small companies that are not registered.

Customer service

Kaufland is a German marketplace, all communication on the platform is in German. You will have to make all your product information available in German. Customer service enquiries must also be in German. If you do not meet these requirements, Kaufland may remove you from the platform.


Kaufland works with penalties when cancelling transactions. If the number of cancelled orders is between 1 and 2.99%, you will receive a penalty of 5% of the total amount of the cancelled transactions of the total number of orders. At 3% or higher this amount is 10% of the total amount of the transactions. Kaufland has the right to delete your account if you experience a high number of cancellations. We advise you to have your customer service and logistics in order if you are considering Kaufland as a sales channel.

The cost of selling on Kaufland marketplace

Selling on Kaufland marketplace is not free. The marketplace operates with a fixed monthly fee of 39.95 euros. Do you sell products on the platform? Then you pay a commission on top of your product. Kaufland charges a commission of around 6.5 to 12.5% of the selling price. How high the commission percentage actually is depends on the product category in which you sell your products.


We have explained to you how to sell on Kaufland marketplace and what Kaufland marketplace is. The range and options for selling on this marketplace are huge. The option that best suits your business depends on your objective and strategy. If you want to start selling on Kaufland, Woosa is the starting point for your dropshipping platform. Thanks to our solutions, you can easily link your shop to one or more marketplaces around the world. It is user-friendly, it can work alongside your existing site and is cost-effective.

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What is Kaufland?

Kaufland is a supermarket chain with more than 1,300 physical shops in Europe and a marketplace.

What does selling on Kaufland cost?

Selling on Kaufland is possible from a fixed monthly fee of €39.95. On top of the monthly fee, you pay a commission per product you sell. The commission amount is approximately 6.5 to 12.5% of the sales price.

What is an online marketplace?

An online marketplace is a form of e-commerce where external sellers come together to sell products and services to a composite target group.

Is selling on a marketplace successful?

The success of selling on a marketplace depends on certain factors, such as the strategy, the product range and the pricing policy. It is important to clarify what you want to achieve by selling on marketplaces. Then see which part of your product range fits this and lends itself to selling on marketplaces. Then make sure you have a competitive price and therefore a good pricing policy.

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