The difference between Woosa and Channable

Nowadays marketplaces are regularly used to realize extra turnover and brand awareness. However, it can be quite labor intensive if you don’t organize and automate this properly.

Nowadays marketplaces are often used to realize extra revenue and brand awareness. However, it can be quite intensive if you don’t organize and automate this properly. You can receive penalty points from the marketplaces if you sell a product that is not in stock or perhaps even cancel it because you can’t afford the selling price. Automation is therefore a must! In this blog post we will explain the differences between Woosa and Channable, without arguing an “Woosa is the best” story. Our goal is to recommend the best solution for your WooCommerce webshop!

About Woosa

Woosa focuses exclusively on the development of WooCommerce plugins for international marketplaces. Currently we automate the processes between WooCommerce and 7 marketplaces:,, Amazon, Zalando, CDON, and

If you use a marketplace plugin from Woosa, all actions take place in WooCommerce. This way you keep one leading system for both your own webshop as well as marketplaces. Very convenient!


  • Extensive functionality
  • Transparent pricing model
  • No limits on number of products, orders etc.
  • Everything visible in your own WooCommerce backend, without the intervention of an (additional) external platform
  • Can be canceled monthly
  • Unlimited support via phone, email and live chat


  • Limited channels (7 marketplaces worldwide)
  • No content link

Target group

Woosa is focused on starting and scaling webshops, who wants to start selling his products via a few marketplaces within 24 hours without any hassle. It is just a matter of installing the plugin, configuring it and off you go!

Price: from €29.00 to a maximum of €99.00 per month

About Channable

Channable is a platform that focuses on automating placements on marketplaces, but also comparison sites and affiliate platforms. You can easily publish a product on Amazon, but also on in the form of an advertisement. The business model of these platforms is different, for example you only pay at Amazon if you have realized a sale and at often if someone clicks through to your website.

Apart from that Channable takes care of all placements on these websites and they have a very wide range of sales channels (over 2.500 worldwide).


  • Extensive functionality
  • 99% fully automatable (by means of rules)
  • Wide range of sales channels worldwide (over 2,500+)
  • Can be canceled monthly
  • Unlimited support via phone and email


  • Price based on the number of products in your webshop (regardless of what you publish on external sales channels)
  • Price based on required functionalities
  • External platform so you still have 2 different systems (WooCommerce and Channable)

Target group

Channable’s target group is in the higher segment of marketplaces sellers. They are definitely not aiming for starting webshop owners, who want to get started quickly with a single marketplace. The platform is too advanced and an overkill for that particular target group.

Price: from €29.00 to €500.00+ per month, depending on the number of products, channels and functionalities.


Woosa and Channable focus on different target groups and therefore have different pros and cons. Do you have 10,000+ (new) products, want to synchronize content and use more than 3 marketplaces? Then Channable might be the best option for you.

However, if you are looking for a simple, ready-to-use solution for your WooCommerce webshop. Do you have up to 10,000 products and want to use a maximum of 3 marketplaces? Then Woosa might be the best option for you.

But… Of course we hope you choose Woosa 😉

Would you like to know more about the possibilities with Woosa and how we can support you in combination with your WooCommerce webshop and external marketplace?

Then contact us by phone at +31 (0)320 – 33 77 77 or chat directly with one of our staff members.

Jessica Risch has been active in the e-commerce industry since 2013 and is the founder of Woosa. With her passion for technology and design, Jessica characterizes herself as a creative and committed sparring partner with the aim of making online business easy. With her start-up Woosa, she makes advanced WooCommerce plugins simple and within reach for both starter and advanced webshop owner.

Jessica Risch