VidaXL Release: version 2.0.4

Today we are announcing a new plugin release for the vidaXL Dropshipping WooCommerce plugin.


Today we are announcing a new plugin release for the vidaXL Dropshipping WooCommerce plugin. This plugin release is all about fixes and improvements, based on the feedback from our users. Below are the most important updates for you!

Updating already imported products

In the settings of the vidaXL WooCommerce plugin you can choose not to update some parameters of a product. This setting is intended to prevent you from making changes to an imported product in WooCommerce, which will then be overwritten when updating the products from vidaXL. Exactly how this setting worked was not always clear. That is why we have adjusted the explanation in this regard.

Downloading images while sync is running

The product images are by default not imported to the server of your webshop. This is to prevent the load of your webshop from becoming too large. Normally you had to stop the product sync in order to be able to download the images. We have now ensured that the synchronization can continue and at the same time the images can be imported to your WooCommerce webshop.

Curious about all the changes in the vidaXL WooCommerce plugin version 2.0.4? View the changelog here.

Plugin roadmap

Mis je cruciale functionaliteiten in de vidaXL WooCommerce plugin? Dan kun je Feature Requests indienen via onze roadmap: We luisteren naar je en waarderen je feedback!

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