Webdevelop: “Guaranteed turnover for everyone with a webshop!”

Webdevelop: Guaranteed turnover for everyone with a webshop!

Bol.com is the largest marketplace in the Netherlands and Belgium and therefore very interesting for web shops to use as an additional sales and marketing channel. There are now more than 22,000 sellers active on Bol.com. Not only webshops decide to sell on Bol.com, their web builders also regularly advise this sales channel. Likewise, Webdevelop – a partner of Woosa and WordPress, WooCommerce web builder.

We asked Anton van Webdevelop some questions about the use of our Bol.com WooCommerce plugin and his motives for advising Bol.com as a sales channel to his customers.

“The savings in marketing costs are significant.”

Q: What do you think of Bol.com?
A: Buying via the internet is the new shopping and an integral part of our society. The bol.com marketplace offers internet entrepreneurs direct access to a large audience. This results in guaranteed turnover for everyone with a webshop! Although there are commissions, the savings in marketing costs are considerable.

“I had good contact with the Woosa experts right away.”

Q: How did you end up at Woosa?
A: For a customer I was looking for a reliable WooCommerce plugin to link the webshop to the Bol.com sales account. After an extensive search I ended up with a number of parties. I had direct good contact with the experts at Woosa. Questions were answered quickly and well and with the 7-day free trial I could immediately start testing the functionality.

Q: Why did you choose our Bol.com WooCommerce plugin?
A: We work a lot with WordPress and WooCommerce. It is a perfect platform to deliver fast and reliable webshops to our customers.

“The plugin works well and the transaction processing is reliable.”

Q: What are your findings about the bol.com WooCommerce plugin?
A: The plugin works well and the transaction processing is reliable. You can view the actions and feedback directly in the WordPress dashboard. In addition, I find that processing orders works seamlessly in combination with the WooCommerce functionality.

Q: Which functionalities of our Bol.com WooCommerce plugin help your customers the most?
A: We implemented the bol.com WooCommerce plugin and then also added the price calculator and content connection addon. By using these three (3) plugins, manual actions in the backend are minimized and products (stock) and prices are always correctly synchronized.

“Communication runs smoothly through one (1) permanent contact person.”

Q: How do you – as a partner – experience the collaboration with Woosa?
A: The cooperation is good. There is swift anticipation and communication runs smoothly via one (1) permanent contact person.

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