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Enhance your WooCommerce store with our plugins for Dropshipping and Marketplaces. The best WooCommerce plugins, with the best service. Our main goal is to support you with time consuming processes and automate your entire WooCommerce store. We aim to deliver you the best experience and help you to become successful as an online entrepreneur.

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vidaXL Dropshipping

Start your webshop in home and garden with the dropshipping supplier vidaXL.

€69 monthly

Van der Meer

Easily start your webshop in pet supplies with the dropshipping supplier Van der Meer.​​

€69 monthly
bigbuy dropshipping leverancier zonnebrillen


Easily start your webshop in pet supplies with the dropshipping supplier Van der Meer.​​

€69 monthly

Matterhorn Moda

Easily start your webshop in fashion with the dropshipping supplier Matterhorn.

€69 monthly


Publish ads on eBay from the WooCommerce product overview in minutes.

€49 monthly


Publish products on Kaufland the marketplace in Germany from WooCommerce in minutes.

€49 monthly


Publish products on bol.com the marketplace in the Benelux from WooCommerce in minutes.

€69 monthly

Marktplaats Pro

Publish ads on Marktplaats from the WooCommerce product overview in minutes.

€49 monthly

2dehands Pro

Publish ads on 2dehands from the WooCommerce product overview in minutes.

€49 monthly

Adyen payment gateway features


Accept worldwide payment methods with the official Adyen plugin for WooCommerce.

€49 monthly

Coming Soon


Start your webshop in plants and accessoires with the dropshipping tool Everspring.

€69 monthly

WooCommerce plugins for Dropshipping and Marketplaces, to enhance your e-commerce store.

Nowadays you can easily start your own e-commerce store and become an online entrepreneur. Build a webshop with WooCommerce, add products via a Dropshipping a supplier and publish the products on a Marketplace. Easy and focused on generating revenue on short notice.

Dropshipping Plugins for WooCommerce

Woosa offers Dropshipping plugins for WooCommerce, with European Dropshipping suppliers such as vidaXL, BigBuy, Matterhorn Moda and more.

The benefits of a European Dropshipping supplier are enormous:

✔ Fast delivery in Europe (2-3 business days is common).
✔ High quality products
✔ Comply with European legislation
✔ Easy communication in English

Marketplace plugins for WooCommerce

Having products imported to your WooCommerce store is one thing. However, generating sales is where it becomes fun.

When starting a new Dropshipping store with WooCommerce, you won’t have visitors to your webshop. To get visitors you have a couple of options:

✔ Apply SEO strategies
✔ Run advertising campaigns
✔ Start affiliate and influencer collaborations

Unfortunately those options are either focused on long term or need a dedicated budget for it. I can imagine as a starting entrepreneur, you want to safe money instead of spending it like crazy.

Sell your products via Marketplaces! Why?

✔ No upfront costs, only pay a commission per sale
✔ Immediate access to millions of visitors
✔ Helpful with realizing brand awareness

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WooCommerce and Dropshipping is the most sustainable combination for e-commerce in 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

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