Woosa goes live in Germany

Woosa goes live in Germany

After weeks of preparation, Woosa will go live in Germany today – September 1, 2021. Woosa has been around since November 2017, but went live in March 2019 with the Bol.com, Teamleader and vidaXL WooCommerce plugin. The WooCommerce portfolio has now been expanded considerably and is ready for the German market.

International ambitions

Woosa already serves international customers from Australia to the United Kingdom and from Canada to France. “However, we want to accelerate growth by having a real local presence. We do this, among other things, by providing service in the language of the country.” said founder Jessica Risch.

Today Woosa went live with its German website. A German-speaking team member has also been added in the role of Technical Support Agent. “That way we can really make the German experience come true!”

Germany, Austria and Switzerland

One of the most important spearheads for the growth of Woosa is internationalization. Despite the fact that the English language seems to be covered worldwide, we notice that our growth in the Netherlands and Belgium is faster because we speak the language.

“That is why we are expanding locally at Woosa. This time in Germany, next time in Italy.” says Jessica Risch. In addition, Woosa supports not only Germany with the German language, but also Austria and Switzerland directly.

Plugins Coverage

In addition to the language, Woosa now also has sufficient coverage in Germany in terms of WooCommerce plugin offer. VidaXL, Teamleader, Amazon, Kaufland.de, Adyen and the SEO Generator are all covered in Germany. In short, the most logical step for expansion!

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