Woosa goes live in Italy

Woosa goes live in Italy

After going live in Germany, Woosa is now going live in Italy. The wide range of WooCommerce plugins is now also ready for the Italian market. Thanks to an Italian partner, Woosa has expanded its team with 6 Italian team members. Among others the support and marketing department have been expanded with Italian colleagues.

Expanding in Europe

“Italy was the most logical next step after Germany. After Germany, Italy is the country with the most WooCommerce web shops.” says Jessica Risch, founder and owner of Woosa.

Italian partner

She owes Woosa’s expansion in part to her Italian partner. A Dutch company specializing in WordPress, WooCommerce, operating exclusively in the Italian market. This seemed – and so it turns out – a “match made in heaven”.

“We were looking for a partner with knowledge of WordPress, WooCommerce so they could support us directly with complicated support issues in the Italian language. We succeeded!” says Jessica Risch.

Plugin portfolio

Besides the language, Woosa now has sufficient coverage in Italy in terms of WooCommerce plugin offerings. VidaXL, Teamleader, Amazon, Adyen, Zalando and the SEO Generator are all covered in Italy. In short, plenty of opportunities for Italian growth!

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