Woosa launches VidaXL Shopify app

Woosa launched her first Shopify app in collaboration with VidaXL yesterday. The app provides a connection between the Shopify platform and the VidaXL Dropshipping tool. With this, Woosa not only distinguishes itself as a WooCommerce plugin developer, but from now on it also supports Shopify!

Why is Woosa expanding to Shopify?

Shopify is the most logical step for Woosa. Together with WooCommerce, it is the fastest growing e-commerce platform worldwide. However, Woosa not only based the decision on the growing numbers, we were regularly asked whether we also developed Shopify apps. The reason for expanding is therefore also a case of supply and demand.

Why VidaXL and Shopify?

The most popular business model for Shopify users is dropshipping. In addition, both VidaXL and Shopify have global coverage, so therefore an easy choice if you ask us! Woosa has now developed a WooCommerce plugin for suppliers such as Adyen, Bol.com, Amazon etc. However, who will be next on the Shopify platform is still open for discussion. Woosa first awaits the success of the VidaXL Shopify app in the coming month, before launching a new app.

Woosa doesn’t only expand to Shopify

Woosa is not only expanding to other e-commerce platforms, but is also gaining ground in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and France. So either way, sufficient growth potential for Woosa in 2021!

Are you interested in the VidaXL Shopify app?

We offer a 30-Day Free Trial Period within the Shopify App Store. You can install the app here.