Adyen vs Mollie: Payment Methods Comparison

Adyen vs Mollie: Payment Methods Comparison

Getting invoices paid and being able to receive online payments happens at lightning speed these days through the best payment service providers. Payment service providers offer payment solutions that allow you to have customers pay in no time and you receive these online payments securely. Moreover, it has been proven that offering a choice of payment methods, such as iDeal, Paypal, Credit Card and Afterpay, leads to invoices being paid faster, and an increase in conversion to your website or webshop.

You may find it difficult to decide which payment service provider best suits your needs. To make it a little easier for you, we highlight two well-known payment service providers: Mollie and Adyen.

In this blog, you’ll discover more about these two payment gateway providers, and we’ll take a closer look at the similarities and differences between Mollie vs Adyen.

Introduction of Mollie and Adyen

Before we delve further into the main differences between Mollie and Adyen, let’s give you some general background information about the two payment service providers.



Mollie is an unlisted payment service provider that processes online payments for merchants and other organisations. It is one of the five most valuable fintech organisations in Europe and consistently ranks in the world’s top 20. Mollie focuses on smaller businesses and the SME market.

In 2004, Adriaan Mol started Mollie. The payment service provider started selling text messages to business customers and it facilitated micropayments which were used for online gaming and ringtones. From 2006, Mollie also started offering payment services.



Adyen is a listed payment service provider offering payment solutions for businesses. Many well-known companies, such as HelloFresh and Spotify, use Adyen‘s services. Like Mollie, Adyen is in the top 20 best fintechs in the world. Adyen focuses on larger companies.

In 2006, Adyen was founded by a group of entrepreneurs in Amsterdam. To help businesses grow, the platform had to meet the constantly changing needs of today’s business world. For that reason, streaming services, subscription boxes, memberships and risk management tools, among others, were added to the product offering.

Is Adyen easier to implement than Mollie?

Getting started with Mollie is easy. After you create an account, you follow an onboarding, step-by-step plan provided by Mollie. This roadmap will help you set everything up correctly so you can start receiving your online payments.

When starting to process payments via Adyen, you need to contact their support team. Based on your requirements, the team will advise you on the payment solution that best suits your business. You will then be given access to a test account. Using this account, you can discover the different functions and make your first test payment. If you like it, you can go live once you have signed the contract.


Both Mollie and Adyen have no minimum fees, contracts or monthly charges. You only pay for a successful transaction. With Mollie, transaction fees start at 0.29 cents, with Adyen at 0.10 cents per transaction. The amount of the transaction fee depends on the payment option chosen.

Support: Will I get any help?

Mollie has a support page for all user queries. Ayden has an exclusive platform with experts who give you advice and support 24/7. On this point, Adyen has the edge over Mollie.

The similarities and the differences

You now know that Mollie and Adyen are both Dutch payment service providers that have a spot in the top 20 fintech companies and we have given you an insight into the implementation, pricing and customer service of the two payment service providers. We will now take a closer look at the features.

Both Mollie and Adyen have extensive features under the categories of payments, general, dashboard, integration and administration. We will focus here on the features for payments and list them for you so you can see the differences. Starting with Mollie.

Mollie payments review

Localised payments

Localised payments allow you to give international customers a local experience.


With multicurrency, you give customers the freedom to pay in their preferred currency.

One contract

Gives customers access to all regular payment methods with one contract.

Fraud monitoring

Gives a safe feeling with smart fraud monitoring on all your payments.

One-click payments

Paying within a click is quick and increases the chances of increasing conversion to your site.

Recurring payments

Gives you the ability to create a payment plan that suits your business.

Dynamic 3D Secure

Safer payments with Dynamic 3D Secure on credit card payments

PCI-DSS Level 1 certified

Your payment details are in good hands, which makes you feel safe.

Optimised for mobile

Each payment screen is automatically optimised based on the device used.

Now that you know the features for payments from Mollie, we will give you an insight into the features for payments from Adyen.

Adyen payments review

Global coverage

All of your customer can use the payment methods they know and trust.

Optimisation of each interaction point

To optimize your payment process.


You can customize every part of your payment process, however you like.

Fully certified

For regulations such as PSD2, SCA and PCI.

Fraud protection

An AI and a regulation-based risk ecosystem.

Adyen vs Mollie: Final Thoughts

We have briefly explained to you what Mollie and Adyen are and the main differences between them. The choice of Mollie vs Adyen, depends on your business size and requirements, among other things. Want to start with a WooCommerce webshop? will help you link a service payment provider to your webshop. Our solutions are user-friendly, work alongside your existing site and are cost-effective.

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Adyen vs Mollie: FAQs

What is a payment service provider?

A payment service provider, also called PSP for short, is an organisation that provides online retailers with payment options, such as iDeal, Paypal, Credit card, Afterpay and payment via mobile phone.

Payment service providers often offer a combination of multiple payment solutions. This way, an organisation does not have to arrange a separate contract and implementation for each payment method.

What is Mollie?

Mollie is an unlisted payment service provider that processes online payments for merchants and other organisations.

What is Adyen?

Adyen is a listed payment service provider offering payment solutions for businesses. Many well-known companies, such as HelloFresh and Spotify, use Adyen’s services.

What is a WordPress plugin?

A WordPress plugin is a piece of software that extends the functionality of a WordPress website. WooCommerce is one of the most popular WordPress plugins.

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