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Adyen Payment Review: Is the right one for your WordPress store?

Adyen Payment Review: Is the right one for your WordPress store?

Do you have a WordPress store and need a cutting-edge, easy-to-use payment system? Whether you already operate globally or are a start-up eCommerce business, having a straightforward yet reliable online purchasing system is vital. Keep reading for a full Adyen payment review. What is Adyen? Offering online services for electronic payments, including credit and debit […]

Do you have a WordPress store and need a cutting-edge, easy-to-use payment system? Whether you already operate globally or are a start-up eCommerce business, having a straightforward yet reliable online purchasing system is vital. Keep reading for a full Adyen payment review.

What is Adyen?

Offering online services for electronic payments, including credit and debit cards and transfers through online banking, Adyen is a global payment company expanding rapidly. Its clients include household names such as eBay, Airbnb, Uber, and Netflix.

Adyen was founded in 2006 in Amsterdam and now has offices in twenty-three countries. The Stock-Exchange-listed company launched its mobile Android POS devices worldwide in 2020.

Adyen has seen impressive growth since 2011. Notably, in more recent years, Adyen became the primary payment operator for eBay, one of the biggest eCommerce stores in the world. The concept behind the Adyen technology is to connect merchants with customers through a variety of payment options without obstacles and allow for virtually instant transfers.

An omnichannel payment platform means that you can accept payments in your physical store and via your WordPress store, whether online or via an app.

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When To Use Adyen Payments

Are you looking for a payment processing system for your WordPress store located in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, or the Middle East? This is truly a global payment company and works with all international commerce, including retail, online and mobile. International brands such as Spotify, Vinted, and Etsy use the Adyen payment methods.

Are you looking for a payment platform for your WordPress-based business? Adyen offers both smaller and big businesses alike secure payment processing tools that accept a variety of payment methods across numerous sales channels.

Just some of the reasons that big names such as Etsy prefer Adyen payments for their web-based stores is because it offers round-the-clock customer support, worldwide payment options, and solutions that can be integrated via an app, online and in-store.

In particular, the Adyen payment gateway is worth considering if you are a merchant located outside the developing world and are looking for reliable payment processing. Adyen payment methods facilitate revenue optimization, meaning that you can reduce the likelihood of failed transactions and losing customers due to declined payments.

Adyen also offers more in-depth customer insights and reporting for those who want to track customer habits and behaviours. Some useful analytics that it provides include the identification of repeat customers, preferred payment methods, and sales performance.

Adyen pricing

Payment Method Transaction Fee Payment Method Fee
Visa $0.12 Interchange++
Mastercard $0.12 Interchange++
American Express $0.12 3.95%
Discover $0.12 3.95%
JCB $0.12 3.75% (interchange++ in specific situations)
Union Pay $0.12 3%
Diners Club $0.12 3.95% (interchange++ in specific situations)
ACH/Direct Debt $0.12 $0.25
PayPal $0.12 Requires a direct contract with PayPal

Adyen payment gateway features

Adyen payment gateway features

What is Adyen preferred for? Is Adyen safe, and what are its standout features?

The complete payment service provider offers virtually limitless payment options and methods, including all currencies, online payment options, and credit and debit cards.

Adyen’s payment gateway stands out from the crowd providing incredibly fast payment verification, delivering both safety and speed. The speed and security that Adyen offers are in part thanks to its omnichannel intelligent system, which integrates with online and in-store systems.

An increasingly sought-after feature is the ability to make phone swipe payments. Adyen payment features include rapid chip-based transactions. With Adyen payment methods, you can either rent or buy equipment to facilitate payment processing.

You can also simply use the POS software, an Adyen app that allows you to connect your own card readers to the system and process transactions in real time.

Other Adyen payment gateway features include dynamic reporting, which is massively helpful in understanding why card payments occasionally decline.

Another insightful tool is Adyen Revenue Accelerate, which uses analytics to accept payments that may have otherwise been declined due to outdated methodologies.

Before making a final decision, be sure to check out Adyen reviews to see how other customers have rated the gateway features and weigh up all the upsides and downsides for your particular business modal.

Payment methods

Because each country has distinct payment preferences, Adyen payments are offered based on what options local customers will expect from your WordPress store. They have put together payment guides for each region.

Understanding what payment methods to offer is vital to position your WordPress store in the best possible way for the massive eCommerce market. For example, in Ireland, payments are dominated by cards, but online shoppers also often want the option to pay via PayPal. On the other hand, Austrians prefer online banking and open invoice payment options.

Offering country-specific Adyen payment methods will allow you to process payments faster and secure higher approval rates, thereby increasing conversions. You can add multiple payment options with one integration with the Adyen payment methods.

For your WordPress store, you can create your own checkout payment experience, including

  • customized payment processes
  • subscription options
  • offer discounts

Adyen payment methods also allow you to protect yourself against fraud and online hacking thanks to its AI-powered processing systems. Following three different processing streams, direct, redirect, and additional action.

  • For transactions completed on your website or app, this follows the direct approach for cards, direct debits, and buy now pay later payment methods.
  • On the other hand, redirect takes payment once the customer is redirected to the specific payment methods website, usually used for online banking, for example.
  • Additional action is precisely what it sounds like, requiring customers to pay at a store, ATM, or via a wallet to complete a purchase.

If your business operates both via an online WordPress store and a physical store, you have the option to integrate Adyen solutions for both in-person and online transactions. For your physical store, you can choose from a variety of POS terminals accepting multiple payment methods.

WooCommerce Integration with Video tutorial

Are you looking for an advanced payment gateway for your WordPress store? No doubt, securing sales and choosing a suitable payment processing system is a vital consideration for your online business, no matter the size.

Woosa has developed the Adyen WooCommerce integration plugin, offering a seamless checkout experience. The most significant benefit of the Adyen WooCommerece integration is that it keeps the conversion rates on all purchases as high as possible.

The WooCommerce plugin aims to make payments easy and intelligent, making it straightforward for customers not just to make one but also future payments.

It is also highly secure as data is stored via tokenization and not on a database. Adyen tokenization technology transforms card details into a sort of key that customers can use to pay from any device for safer payments.

You can easily install the Adyen WooCommernce plugin within your WordPress package. You simply download a ZIP file, and it is straightforward to follow and install. Thanks to the easy integration design, training and implementation time are significantly reduced, and you can start processing payments within 24 hours.

Once your license is active, you will automatically receive updates, including the latest payment methods. You can decide which payment methods to have activated for your WordPress store. Woosa has designed the integration tool in such a way that there is very little for you to do, providing the best solutions based on the country.


Giving customers the ability to pay quickly and effortlessly is a vital part of securing sales and growing an eCommerce WordPress store or business. Most businesses now or will in the very near future need to have the capability to accept a variety of payment methods via WordPress.

There are good reasons that huge eCommerce names, including Etsy and eBay, prefer the Adyen payment methods. Adyen pricing is clear and transparent, and integration is seamless. Thanks in part to its WooComerce integration, Adyen is known as one of the broadest and all-inclusive payment providers in the world. There is no doubt this innovative unicorn offers impressive payment solutions to benefit both business owners and customers alike.

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