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6 Best High Ticket Dropshipping Suppliers in 2023

Best High Ticket Dropshipping Suppliers

Have you decided to start your own dropshipping business? Have you settled on high ticket over low ticket dropshipping? The appeal of high ticket dropshipping is that it offers the opportunity to make more money with higher profit margins for your online eCommerce business. Once you have decided on your dropshipping niche and products, you […]

Have you decided to start your own dropshipping business? Have you settled on high ticket over low ticket dropshipping? The appeal of high ticket dropshipping is that it offers the opportunity to make more money with higher profit margins for your online eCommerce business. Once you have decided on your dropshipping niche and products, you need to find the right high-ticket dropshipping suppliers.

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How to Find Suppliers for High Ticket Dropshipping

Once you start searching online, you will soon understand that the supplier options for your dropshipping business seem endless. The difficulty is finding the right supplier. Take your time and research the market thoroughly before making any decisions. Here we have outlined what steps to follow to find trustworthy high end dropshipping suppliers.

Supplier Location

Many low ticket dropshipping items can be sourced from a supplier based in China. However, this may not be the best idea when it comes to finding the right high ticket dropshipping supplier. Although there is the potential benefit of overseas suppliers offering better prices, you need to consider this as having a greater profit margin is, of course, the name of the game.

On the other hand, finding a trustworthy and reliable local supplier is often the best decision for high ticket dropshipping. When customers are spending a couple of hundred euros/dollars on a high end product, they are looking for good quality and will not be willing to wait weeks for it to be delivered.

Another benefit to using a supplier in your country or area is that you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting your local economy. Don’t just choose any local supplier, though, and you need to vet whatever supplier in whatever location well, checking out reviews and ensuring that they offer excellent customer service. Ideally, if you find the right supplier, you will want to build a long-lasting relationship that will help your eCommerce business reach its full potential.

Products & Manufacturers

Often, you can simply use a well-known drop shipping suppliers and then search specifically for high end products or manufacturers on their site. The most well-known general dropshipping suppliers include:

  • Alibaba
  • AliExpress
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Spocket
  • Printify

Suppose you have a clear idea of what your high end dropshipping product or niche of choice is. In that case, you can search through the above-listed sites for this item and then contact the manufacturer directly and make a proposal for your high ticket dropshipping business. Just a few examples of high ticket products include:

  • Camera equipment, such as drones or video surveillance.
  • Sports and leisure activity supplies, like kayaks, paddleboards, or home gym equipment.
  • Home and office equipment, including standing desks, ipads, or office chairs.
  • Gardening and pet supplies, like greenhouses, novelty pet beds, dog raincoats, etc.

Quality Service and Products

It is vital for your eCommerce business’s success not to choose any supplier but one that offers quality service and products. Quality service can not be stressed enough when it comes to high end dropshipping. There is no point in selling products that will just be returned later for a refund because they are cheap or poorly made. The supplier must also offer products that give you the opportunity to make a decent profit.

High ticket dropshipping works completely contrary to low ticket dropshipping, which thrives on inexpensive impulse buys that are purchased with little thought. You will also need to have your own high quality eCommerce Store set up and ready to go, as the supplier will want to confirm that you are a legitimate business before spending time and resources dealing with you.

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Best High Ticket Dropshipping Suppliers

Before we take a closer look at some of the best high ticket dropshipping suppliers, keep this checklist in mind.

  • Shipping Times: Critical to high ticket dropshipping, you need a supplier who can process orders within a reasonable time that will meet customers’ expectations.
  • Returns and Moneyback Policies: Be sure to check what the returns policies are and that you are in a position to provide refunds if necessary.
  • Customer Service: Don’t underestimate the benefits of excellent customer care. If you can’t communicate effectively, this will negatively impact your bottom line.
  • Automated integration: Most supplier gateways offer integration with most eCommerce stores.
  • Pricing: As mentioned above, some suppliers can be accessed for free while others come for a fee.
  • Reliability: Unreliable delivery and logistical issues will ultimately impact your brand negatively.
  • Reviews: Checking out reviews is vital before deciding on a supplier. Particularly pay attention to what other dropshippers have said in their reviews.

1. Alibaba

The potential for significant profit margins is the best thing about using Alibaba, as it offers some of the lowest prices. Keep in mind, however, that lower prices often mean slow shipping, as many suppliers are located abroad and may not speak English.

2. AliExpress

AliExpress is one of the most well-known online retailers where you can buy pretty much anything you can imagine. One benefit of using AliExpress as a dropshipping supplier is that you can find products for just a few dollars, as well as high ticket items. You can also communicate easily with suppliers through their chat feature. Unlike other high ticket dropshipping suppliers, it is entirely free. The biggest downside to AliExpress is that many items come from abroad, particularly from China, which means long waiting times.

We at Woosa have create a guide for those who want to start dropshipping with Aliexpress, read it and start your business.

3. BigBuy

If your online business is located in Europe, then check out BigBuy. This supplier is a Spanish brand with a wide variety of dropshipping products to choose from. The beauty of BigBuy is that you can choose for your own branding to be added to the packaging of your products. The downside of BigBuy is that high end dropshipping products are limited.


4. Brandsgateway

High and luxury brands offer great high ticket dropshipping potential. If your eCommerce business is targeted towards the luxury market, then Brandsgateway is the ideal supplier. However, be warned that access to these high ticket dropshipping items will cost you very high membership fees. The upside, you are pretty much guaranteed excellent delivery times.

5. Spocket

Spocket is located in both Europe and the United States and comes for a price of $25 – $100 per month. Spocket is preferred as a high-ticket dropshipping supplier as it offers fast shipping and delivery times. You can check out products for free and chat with customer support. The downside, however, of Spocket is that you cannot choose your own customized packaging.

6. iDropship

Are you looking for a dropshipping supplier further away? iDropship is located in Australia and has a range of high end dropshipping products to choose from. One of the good things about iDrop is that you can use their high quality images for your site when marketing products.

Once you find a high end dropshipping supplier and source your products of choice, make contact with the supplier to establish a good relationship with them from the start.

For help doing some research into products offered by your supplier of choice, check out the following sites, where you can evaluate what products will or will not sell well in the current market.


The benefit of high ticket dropshipping is that it offers more significant profit margins and less competition. However, high end dropshipping means putting in extra work at the beginning and setting up phase of your eCommerce business. Particularly important is finding high-ticket dropshipping suppliers.

Keep in mind that before you start contacting suppliers and sourcing products, it is vital to have your own eCommerce store set up and ready to go. With high end dropshipping, it is advisable to have a sleek and well-designed online store. Although this may take some more time and effort, consumers and manufacturers alike are going to have greater trust if you have a clear brand and business model.

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