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How to start dropshipping with VidaXL? A guide for beginners

How to start dropshipping with VidaXL

Do you operate as a dropshipper or does dropshipping sound like your cup of tea? Then VidaXL might be the supplier you want to work with. Having started as a marketplace for home and garden products, over the last few years VidaXL has been growing and is now an established dropshipping partner. In this article, […]

Do you operate as a dropshipper or does dropshipping sound like your cup of tea? Then VidaXL might be the supplier you want to work with. Having started as a marketplace for home and garden products, over the last few years VidaXL has been growing and is now an established dropshipping partner. In this article, we’ll tell you all about dropshipping using VidaXL, and about other dropshippers’ experience with this supplier.

What is VidaXL?

VidaXL is a Venlo-based retailer that operates online. This retailer has a very wide range of products, mainly from the home & garden and kitchen niche. Think of products such as:

  • garden products and garden furniture
  • sports goods
  • hardware products
  • pet supplies
  • garage supplies
  • household goods and furniture

As VidaXL was, and is, a very successful retailer, in 2017 they decided to make their range available to other retailers. This was the beginning of the DropshippingXL dropshipping platform. All dropshippers from Europe, Australia and the United States can use VidaXL as a supplier for their dropshipping business.

The difference between VidaXL and other dropshipping platforms is the number of products in stock. In fact, VidaXL’s standard stock includes around 90,000 products. Thanks to the transparent procedures of the DropshippingXL platform, you never have to deal with hidden costs or shipping costs. Are you just getting started as a dropshipper? Then it might be worthwhile to familiarise yourself with this supplier. Not only because of its wide product range, but also because of the fact that you can operate as a dropshipper in 32 different countries.

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How do you start dropshipping on VidaXL?

Do you want to get started in dropshipping and has you chosen VidaXL as your supplier? Then this tutorial for beginners might be for you. This is because, before you can actually get started dropshipping through VidaXL, you will have to go through some important steps.

1. Sign yourself in

Signing up as a dropshipper with dropshippingXL will give you the opportunity to create your own account. After you have done this, you will get access to the online catalogue so you can add VidaXL products to your online shop.

2. Start selling

Have you added the VidaXL products you want to sell to your online shop? Then you can set the selling price you want. After you have done this, you can sell the products from your online shop in up to 32 different countries.

3. Shipping

Have customers placed an order through your online shop? Then VidaXL will ensure that the products they have ordered are delivered to them.

4. Track the order

One you have entered these orders on VidaXL, you will immediately get the opportunity to track these orders. This gives you the opportunity to track all orders right up until they are actually delivered to the client.

The big advantage the VidaXL dropshipping platform has over other dropshipping platforms is that this platform also offers content translation. This allows you to have the content you need translated into 32 different languages. This makes it even more attractive for you as a dropshipper to operate in multiple countries using this platform.

VidaXL dropshipping review

There are several reasons why you might choose VidaXL dropshipping as a dropshipper. Especially if you are to believe VidaXL’s own website. After all, they state that:

  • the VidaXL dropshipping platform is simple and flexible. This platform has functions that make dropshipping easy. You will also be able to use API access and various payment options.
  • the platform stocks more than 90,000 different products. These include own-brand products, as well as products from various well-known brands.
  • the platform always provides you with an up-to-date stock status. So you can always see exactly which products are in stock.
  • the platform guarantees fast delivery. So products that are ordered will be delivered to your customers quickly.
  • the platform has a good returns policy. This leaves you, as a dropshipper, with all the time you need to focus on your online business.
  • the platform offers excellent customer service. They always provide you with the support you need.

These reasons sound great, of course. But is this also the reality? We looked at what VidaXL’s customers state as their experience. Indeed, looking at VidaXL dropshipping reviews might give you a realistic picture about this dropshipping platform.

VidaXL Dropshipping experience

There is not much to be found about VidaXL dropshipping experience. In itself, this is strange as this dropshipping platform has been around for about 5 years now. Still, we were able to find some pros and cons of this platform and they are listed them here below for you.


  • you get access to an online app that is very easy to use.
  • you can choose from a range of more than 90,000 products.
  • you can sell products in as many as 32 different countries. These include countries within the EU, but also countries such as the United States and Australia.
  • product descriptions are available in 32 different languages.
  • you can view stock status and order processing at any time.


  • the app you can use does not always function optimally.
  • the support team is often hard to reach, so you can’t always get to them with questions and complaints.
  • you are not given a free trial period.
  • instructions on how to use the app and add products to your online shop are minimal.
  • when you look for a general VidaXL dropshipping review, you will see that it is often not very good.

What are most of the complaints about?

VidaXL customers’ dropshipping experiences are not all good. Most complaints made are about shipping times, product quality, lack of information about orders placed, and poor customer service accessibility. Fortunately, these negative experiences are not immediate reasons not to choose the VidaXL dropshipping platform. Especially not if you, as an online entrepreneur, think it’s important to keep the lines of communication with your customers as short as possible.

After all, if you inform customers in time that there is a longer delivery time, there is often nothing wrong with that. The problem often lies in providing incorrect information. If you indicate that customers will receive their products within 2 days, but they still have not received them after a week, this will result in complaints. This is because the customer service part lies with you, as a dropshipper. VidaXL may be the supplier you work with, but you are responsible for your company’s customer service.

It couldn’t be easier

Do you use the WooCommerce e-commerce platform to manage your own online shop? Then it is definitely advisable to choose the VidaXL dropshipping platform. It could hardly be easier. Don’t be discouraged by the first negative VidaXL dropshipping review you come across because when you use WooCommerce, with the help of Woosa Vidaxl dropshipping plugin you can very easily import VidaXL’s products to your online shop. You then set a percentage, choose a fixed margin, or you use VidaXL’s recommended retail price. This ensures that you make enough profit from your online shop.

The benefits of integrating the VidaXL plugin into your online WooCommerce shop:

  • current stock status is always synchronised
  • all product content is imported automatically
  • sales prices are always automatically synchronised
  • orders are automatically forwarded to VidaXL
  • you can import the entire VidaXL range, based on selected categories.

In short: there are plenty of reasons why you, as a dropshipper, should choose VidaXL as your supplier. After all, this supplier has everything you need in the home, garden and kitchen niche.

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