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5 Best European WooCommerce dropshipping suppliers in 2023

Best European WooCommerce dropshipping suppliers

Dropshipping grows with each passing day, becoming a prevalent online commerce modality today. Its advantages and benefits demonstrate that this model has a great future within the market! However, few know that the basis for any store’s success is its suppliers. European WooCommerce Dropshipping suppliers are fundamental parts not only for the functioning of your […]

Dropshipping grows with each passing day, becoming a prevalent online commerce modality today. Its advantages and benefits demonstrate that this model has a great future within the market! However, few know that the basis for any store’s success is its suppliers.

European WooCommerce Dropshipping suppliers are fundamental parts not only for the functioning of your store but for its growth. These are responsible for delivering the desired product to the customer, so it is necessary to select your supplier carefully.

After all, we need a supplier that, in addition to being cost-effective, maintains good communication with you and strictly adheres to its delivery deadlines so that it also presents quality products.

Your relationship with the supplier directly influences the customer’s opinion about your business; that is, if a delivery is delayed, he will make a negative comment. However, if the delivery of the product arrives on time and with quality, it will only be praise that will attract much more consumers to you.

Choosing a quality supplier is extremely important to your success, so we have selected the best EU WooCommerce dropshipping suppliers for you! For this, we will see in detail:

  • What is dropshipping?
  • Is it worth starting dropshipping?
  • Advantages of dropshipping
  • Top WooCommerce dropshipping suppliers

Continue in the text and learn more about all the details to get started in the dropshipping business!


What is dropshipping?

With an innovative promise within online commerce, dropshipping is nothing more than a new modality of e-commerce where an entrepreneur, through a website, sells his products without the need for physical stock.

In this case, the entrepreneur has the intermediary role in acquiring these products, whether domestic or imported.

The great advantage of this modality is the absence of the need to have a physical stock to store the products. Thus, there is a meagre cost for initial investment.

Another critical point to note is the ease of shaping your business: after all, if a particular product has a low number of sales, you can exchange it without incurring losses.


Is it worth starting dropshipping?

Because dropshipping is a growing and even current practice within the current market, many entrepreneurs who want to enter the area ask the same question: is it worth starting dropshipping?

Its advantages are numerous, and it is worth it because there is no need to invest in a place to store the products or in an organizational system to keep your stock. However, like all commercial modalities, it also has its difficulties.

Always try to maintain good communication with both the supplier and the consumer, with good practices and clarity, so there is trust between both sides.

As an entrepreneur, you should always cherish a good relationship with the dropshipping supplier to ensure a better experience for your customer.


Advantages of WooCommerce dropshipping

You are doing WooCommerce dropshipping benefits your business’s growth, especially when it comes to the ease of communication between you and your supplier.

Whenever possible, prioritize europe suppliers in this modality, as it has less bureaucracy, allowing direct and accessible communication between those involved and shortening the delivery period. That way, they are fulfilled in good time, and you will always have a product to sell and a good reputation within your niche market.

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How to Choose the Best EU Dropshipping Suppliers

How to Choose the Best EU Dropshipping Suppliers

Supplier selection is a critical step that every dropshipping business must take. However, when looking for WooCommerce dropshipping suppliers, there are many factors to consider.

Even if you already know the products you want to sell and are sure they will be successful for your business, you need to find suitable dropshipping suppliers. The latter offer the quality service your business deserves.

Here are a few steps to follow to make sure you find the right one:

  1. Do proper research: After selecting the products you want to sell, you determine which dropshipping suppliers are available and best suit your needs. Depending on the number of suppliers in your desired product niche, you may need to choose to contact a domestic or foreign supplier.
  2. Contact suppliers: Talk to the dropshipping supplier that meets your need and get involved with them. If you talk to them, you can ask about the services offered, and they can even provide you with contact details for some of their current customers, so you can get hands-on experience with the provider before contacting them.
  3. Request samples from the supplier: When you have selected your top two or three suppliers, request samples yourself. Test their quality of service, shipping times, packaging, and other manufacturer-related issues to ensure you’re pleased with your decision.
  4. Read their reviews: If you choose vendors, many look good when reading their reviews and products. However, they may not be suitable for your audience once you do business. This may be due to their raw materials, activity, or returns management. Be sure to talk to vendors and find out how they work before committing to work with them.


Top Europe WooCommerce dropshipping suppliers

Top Europe WooCommerce dropshipping suppliers

Many product suppliers are available within the network to carry out europe dropshipping. Remember that suppliers will always be the basis of your business – regardless of the chosen modality.

To facilitate this journey of choosing an excellent europe dropshipping supplier, we put together a list of the best WooCommerce dropshipping suppliers available on the network. Check it out below and decide which one interests you the most according to the market niche you operate!


1. BigBuy

The BigBuy platform is, to date, very well known as a dropshipping supplier in Europe. Renowned as a leader in the sector, it specializes in wholesale various original items, household items, household appliances, gadgets, wellness and beauty products, sports and many more!

This supplier has a large stock with many references and a wide range of products. BigBuy’s primary mission is to offer e-merchants a quality delivery service in Europe with a maximum delivery time of 48/72 hours, quality packaging and products delivered with your store name!

Importing BigBuy products to your store on WordPress platform is done in 1 click with Woosa BigBuy WooCommerce plugin.


2. VidaXL

vidaXL is an international online supplier and retailer which originated in the Netherlands. Today, they are present in 27 countries across Europe and the United States and Australia.

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They also have dedicated websites and customer services for each country.

VidaXL is not new; they’ve been around since 2006 and are constantly developing. This proves that they are serious, and their clientele is only growing.


3. AliExpress

With a marketplace of over 100 million products on sale, AliExpress is a vast marketplace. Founded in 2010, it is owned by the Chinese company Alibaba, one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world.

Since most AliExpress sellers are international manufacturers, trending products can be found at a lower price. You’ll find products ranging from women’s clothing and jewellery to electronics and home decor on AliExpress. If you want to sell products online, this is a beautiful place to buy products.

AliExpress makes it easy to find products to sell without worrying about stock or shipping in your online store.

Dropshipping with AliExpress means that you order the product from your Chinese supplier when your customer makes a purchase on your website and sends it to your customer. There are no inventory or packing, or shipping concerns to manage.

4. Ebay

eBay is a platform that is almost 25 years old! They are linked to PayPal, so you have 180 days of protection, and eBay protects you 30 days on their own.

WHY eBay? For variety! You have access to sellers worldwide, and it’s war; the prices are competitive. So competitive that there are sometimes lower prices than on Aliexpress, with faster delivery.

There are hundreds of Chinese sellers; you will find almost everything you can find on Aliexpress.


5. Amazon

It’s hard to miss this platform.

The thing that allows them to differentiate themselves is their “ Prime ” program. With this, you can offer exceptional customer service! Free delivery in 24-48 hours, even on Sundays.

The prices are reasonable, often more expensive than eBay, but with top customer service.

Amazon prohibits using “Prime” for commercial purposes, so dropshipping, but many do it, and it works. You can blow it all up if you’re good and have the right strategy.

For your deliveries, do not ALWAYS forget to select the gift option; this allows you not to have an invoice in the package.



Choosing your supplier well is key to building your national dropshipping business. Therefore, invest well in finding someone reliable who delivers all products on time, at the best price available on the market.

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