How to Setup a WooCommerce Multichannel Selling System

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The worldwide eCommerce market has grown exponentially over the last few years and is estimated to be worth US$4.48 trillion by the end of 2023.

Online shoppers now use multiple channels to search for the products they want. This offers excellent opportunities for your eCommerce business, and multichannel selling is one of the best ways to take advantage. What is multichannel selling? Here we will discuss how to set up a WooCommerce Multichannel Selling System.

What is multichannel selling?

As the name suggests, multichannel selling is a method of offering your products through more than one channel. Gone are the days when a retailer would sell products in one single place, whether that be a physical store or a stand-alone website.

It is now possible and advantageous to sell over numerous platforms, including social media platforms, such as Instagram, or well-known online marketplaces like eBay.

Whether you are new to the eCommerce world or have some experience, keeping up with customer needs and trends is vital to your long-term success, and WooCommerce multichannel selling will help you achieve this.

How to set up a WooCommerce multichannel selling system?

Are you an eCommerce business owner who appreciates the difficulties of attracting new customers? Setting up a WooCommerce Multichannel selling system will allow you to reach a broader range of potential customers.

Customers’ shopping habits are changing, with younger generations especially turning to technology for the things they want.

In order to keep up, multichannel selling tools are now essential, resulting in more significant profits and improved customer experience. Yes, eCommerce sellers who sell on three or more channels generate around 143% more revenue than those who use just one.

The first thing to do is decide on your selling channels of choice. Keep in mind you can add more marketplace channels as you grow and become more comfortable with multichannel selling. The easiest way to begin is with a WooCommerce multichannel plugin.

WooCommerce multichannel plugins

Connecting WooCommerce with multichannel plugins is the best and most straightforward way to make the most of your online business.

MultiChannel selling with eBay

MultiChannel selling with eBay

eBay is one of the biggest marketplaces in the world, with a massive 1.7 billion listings and over 135 million users. The giant marketplace has been popular for years, and eBay is best known for offering both used and new products. They offer a wide variety of items to choose from and very reasonable prices.

Woosa released the eBay WooCommerce plugin in February 2023, meaning that you can now integrate eBay with WooCommerce for multichannel selling. Setting up your eBay plugin is super easy with just a few steps:

  • create a seller’s account on eBay
  • sign up with Woosa for the eBay WooCommerce plugin
  • install the plugin
  • configure settings
  • publish selected products to eBay

What are the benefits of the WooCommerce multichannel plugin for eBay? Firstly, having such a wide variety of inexpensive products to choose from is perfect for any eCommerce store, and the multichannel selling with eBay means you can easily import and sync up your products in bulk.

Utilizing WooCommerce multichannel selling means that everything you need to run a successful WordPress store is in one easy-to-manage place. The benefits of using this system are massive, giving you the ability to offer the top payment methods, access to quality suppliers, and a wide variety of the best products and categories.

bol.com plugin for multichannel selling

bol.com plugin for multichannel selling

Bol.com gives you access to 23 million products and 10 million unique customers in the Netherlands and Belgium and is one of the most popular marketplaces. As with the marketplaces mentioned above, including bol.com in your multichannel selling means efficiently running an eCommerce business with more than one sales channel in more than one location simultaneously.

To know more about it you can read how to sell on bol.

Integrating WooCommerce multichannel store with bol.com is equally as straightforward.

  • sign up for a seller’s account on bol.com
  • Get a subscription at Woosa and install the bol.com plugin
  • configure settings
  • Publish selected products to bol.com

Once you have completed the bol.com integration, you can then sync orders, pricing, inventory, and more with WooCommerce. You can easily choose which products to publish from WooCommerce to bol.com to access this distinct Dutch and Belgian market.

Kaufland.de – multichannel selling plugin for the German marketplace

Kaufland was founded back in 1954, with its headquarters in Essen, Germany. Kaufland has more than 19 million monthly visitors, selling thousands of products and specializing in groceries and household goods. The German company operates over 2,000 stores across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. Kaufland has a good reputation and is known for low prices and a good selection of items.

Selling on Kaufland marketplace with Woosa is simple, and once you are set up, orders can be automated and give you the ability to:

  • export shipping labels
  • have an overview of all orders
  • configure settings
  • sync accounting plugins

As with our other plugins, the Kaufland.de WooCommerce plugin allows you to update stock in realtime when orders are processed from WooCommerce to Kaufland and vicevisa versa.

Read more about how to start selling on Kaufland marketplace.


Marktplaats was founded in 1999 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and is an online classified advertising site that connects buyers with sellers, with around 7.3 million visitors every month. Like similar marketplaces, products are divided into main categories: clothing, electronics, and furniture. Items can be sold either individually or in bulk.

  • get a Marktplaats account
  • sign up with Woosa and install the Marktplaats plugin
  • choose products to create an add for
  • configure minimum and maximum cost per click
  • all product information is published, including images and descriptions

Marktplaats specializes in secondhand products in the Netherlands and Belgium. As well as allowing you to sell products, you can also place ads as a business through Marktplaats Pro.

Advantages of multichannel selling

Is your goal to have a successful, profitable, and thriving eCommerce business? One of the easiest ways to reach this goal is through WooCommerce multichannel selling, which has many advantages.

Reduced risks

The logic of not relying on one avenue of sales is clear. Having a WooCommerce multichannel selling system means that you mitigate against risks, including stock or supply chain issues or having an account unexpectedly suspended.

It means you can also easily compare shipping prices to find the cheapest rate and have access to more than one supplier of the stock you need. You won’t be stuck if one supplier is out of stock.

Reach more customers

Growing your online presence is a fundamental goal for any savvy eCommerce business owner. With multichannel selling, the scope for reaching more customers is significantly increased. Presenting your products to a wide variety of prospective customers will, in turn, lead to greater profits.

Customer satisfaction

Building a business with a strong brand and offering a quality online shopping experience dramatically improves your chances of retaining a loyal customer base. You can deliver quality goods and satisfy customers’ expectations with multichannel selling.

Using multichannel tools means that you can also offer a high level of customer service through multiple avenues, including live chat, email, and chatbots.


Hopefully, you are now a step closer to setting up a WooCommerce Multichannel Selling System. With many benefits, including greater access to more customers, less risk of not having access to the stock that you need, and in turn, being able to ensure greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Multichannel for WooCommerce is the most straightforward method of selling on eBay, bol.com, Kaufland.de, Marktplaats and other popular marketplaces. You can handle everything you need for your eCommerce store in one manageable place with full automation and synchronization.

Try out any of our Woosa WooCommerce plugins here and change your WooCommerce store into a WooCommerce multichannel selling system.

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In this guide, we will show you the exact steps to create your own WooCommerce store within 30 minutes