6 Steps to Increase Online Sales on WooCommerce in 2023

Steps to Increase Online Sales on WooCommerce

Boosting sales and enhancing conversions on your WooCommerce Store is crucial for success. Merely setting up an online store won’t suffice.

Investing time and effort in optimizing your WooCommerce Store is vital for driving sales. In this article, we’ll share 6 tips to increase online sales on WooCommerce effectively.

6 Practical Steps to Increase Online Sales on WooCommerce

The ultimate goal for a successful WooCommerce store is improving your bottom line. It is essential to increase your customer base and loyalty, as well as to enhance your brand awareness and visibility. We’ve put together a list of six simple ways that you can use as a  WooCommerce sales booster.

1. Provide Discounts and coupons

The idea of discounts and coupons might seem a bit old school, but they work. One marketing research found that 64% of online consumers wait with purchases until a product goes on sale.

Giving discounts and coupons to customers can also increase online sales for WooCommerce stores. Discounts can entice customers to buy products that they may not have otherwise considered. But one of the most significant benefits of providing deals and coupons is that it can help you build loyalty among your customers, leading to increased sales in the future.

Provide Discounts and coupons

You can add coupons directly in your WordPress Admin panel, go to Marketing > Coupons > Add coupon > General. You can then configure what discount type you would like, for example, a percentage or a fixed product discount. You can also enable free shipping.

2. WooCommerce Upsell and Cross-sell

Both upselling and cross-selling can be highly effective at increasing sales and conversions on your WooCommerce Store.

Upselling is when you convince a customer to buy additional items increasing their overall purchase. Cross-selling, on the other hand, is when you sell a different product to an existing customer. To upsell and cross-sell effectively, you first need to know your customer and target market well.

First and foremost, you need to know your customer. Once you know what they need and want, you can tailor your sales pitches and offers to suit them best.

Cross-selling and upselling can also increase conversions. For example, if a customer is interested in purchasing a product, consider upgrading to a more expensive version.

To set up products to upsell or cross-sell in your WooCommerce Store, go to > Products and select then scroll to > Product Data panel, and select > Linked Products and simply add the product you wish to link to by searching for.

3. Flash Sales

Steps to Increase Online Sales on WooCommerce - Flash Sales

A flash sale is a limited-time promotion where products are offered at a discounted price or with other incentives, such as free shipping. This type of sale typically lasts for a short period of time, such as a few hours or a day, and is designed to create a sense of urgency among customers.

An example of a flash sale is Cyber Monday, which is a one-day event where retailers offer significant discounts on their products. However, flash sales can be implemented at any time of the year and for any product or category.

What makes a flash sale different from a normal sales promotion is the sense of urgency that it creates. Customers are aware that the sale will only last for a short time, so they are more likely to make a purchase immediately instead of waiting for another promotion to come along.

To implement a flash sale on your WooCommerce store, you can choose to offer discounts on all products or select specific items or categories. Promoting the flash sale through social media and placing it in a prominent location on your website to attract more customers is important. A flash sale can be a good WooCommerce sales booster.

4. Offer points for the purchase (loyalty programs)

Increase Online Sales - Offer points for the purchase (loyalty programs)

Offer points for purchases in your WooCommerce Store are an excellent incentive for customers to make purchases and remain loyal to your brand. Offering points for purchases can also help you track customer behaviour and preferences.

One way is to add a points system to your products. For instance, when a customer makes a purchase, they are awarded points based on the purchase amount and the points limit. The points can then be redeemed for rewards, such as free products or discounts. You can also put in place a loyalty program where customers can earn points for every dollar they spend. When they reach a certain point level, they can redeem rewards.

You can easily set up rewards and points that your customers can redeem, and they can be awarded by product, category, or whole site level with a WooCommerce Points and Rewards extension. Offering points for purchases can help you to increase sales on your woocommerce store.

5. Send Abandoned cart emails

Abandoned cart emails remind customers who have already made or are in the process of making a purchase that they still have items in their cart. This can encourage them to complete the purchase and can also help you to gather information about what things customers have chosen to buy. By prompting customers to complete the purchase process, you can increase the chances that they will make a purchase.

The cart abandonment emails function is also available as an extension for your WooCommerce Store. You can use the extension to set up triggers, for example, for all products, specific categories, or products.

6. Sell on Marketplaces

Selling on marketplaces is a great way to boost sales and increase conversions on your WooCommerce Store. By selling on marketplaces, you can reach a wider audience and increase your chances of selling more products.

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Some of the most popular marketplaces for selling products online are eBay and Zalando. Each marketplace has its own attributes and advantages for your WooCommerce Store and can help you to increase sales on WooCommerce.

Selling on some of the biggest and most popular marketplaces is a no-brainer, giving you access to millions of potential customers. With a marketplace plugin, you can automate and synchronize product sales, saving you lots of time and money and giving you more opportunities to focus on boosting sales and increasing conversions on your WooCommerce Store.

Once you’ve decided which marketplace to sell on, setting up your Store correctly is important. Make sure you have a clear product listing and a well-designed webstore.

Check out the marketplace plugins


By following the tips outlined above, you are set to increase online sales on WooCommerce. Conversions on your WooCommerce Store can be difficult, but you can meet the challenge thanks to easy-to-use tools and plugins.

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