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What is Branded Dropshipping and how to get started in 6 easy steps

What is Branded Dropshipping and how to get started

Dropshipping streamlines the process of supplying products to your customers without dealing with the logistics that come with more traditional online stores. The appeal of starting a dropshipping eCommerce business is that there is no need for inventory or storage. With more people taking advantage of the dropshipping market, it can be challenging to stand […]

Dropshipping streamlines the process of supplying products to your customers without dealing with the logistics that come with more traditional online stores. The appeal of starting a dropshipping eCommerce business is that there is no need for inventory or storage.

With more people taking advantage of the dropshipping market, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. One way to position yourself in the best possible way is with branded dropshipping. Here we will give you an overview of what branded dropshipping is and a step-by-step guide on how to get started.

What is Branded Dropshipping?

So, what exactly is branded dropshipping, and why choose this method? As the name suggests, branded dropshipping is focused around creating your own distinctive eCommerce branding, including logo, packaging, labels, etc.

Depending on what product you are selling, branded dropshipping could also include affixing your own labeling directly onto items, for example, embroidering your brand onto clothing. Customers are looking for a trustworthy and quality brand when shopping online. If customers like your brand and you can deliver products that meet their expectations, they will keep shopping at your store and even refer friends.

By taking time to create a recognizable and distinctive branded dropshipping business, you can benefit from increased customer loyalty which will hopefully translate into higher profit margins.

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How to start branded dropshipping?

How to start branded dropshipping?

1. Select a branded dropshipping niche

Finding your branded dropshipping niche is much about your long-term goals. Many advise striking a balance between choosing a niche that you are passionate and knowledgeable about and one that will realistically make you a profit.

There are generally two niches to choose from, one that will sell over the long term and the other that takes advantage of the most recent trends. The ideal option is to find a niche that has products that will both stand the test of time but also takes advantage of trends.

Are you someone who needs to love what you are doing? Then choose a niche that means you can sell a product you know a lot about and are interested in. Start by brainstorming ideas, including your passions, hobbies, and what type of stores you like. You then need to refine and filter your list, removing ideas that will not realistically be profitable or brandable.

Analyze the market to understand what niches are most profitable and popular right now.

Thankfully there are various platforms that can help break down and shortlist your niche ideas, helping you identify the most profitable. The most well-known sites, including AliExpress and Amazon, can help you to find out what is trending easily and the potential hot niches that could work well for your branded dropshipping.

2. Find dropshipping branded products and Suppliers

Once you have identified your branded dropshipping business niche, you need to then start selecting and finding the right products, which involves spending some time researching the market thoroughly.

Take into account what is trending on some of the most well-known retail sites, like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and Alibaba. Also, check out what your potential customers are following and reacting to on social media. Through these channels, you can also find suitable branded dropshipping suppliers.

The next step, designing and creating your own branded dropshipping store to sell your selected products, can be daunting. Luckily, platforms and plugins have made creating your own page and dropshipping feasible for even the most untechy.

3. Create your Brand (Unique Name + Logo + Custom messages)
Create your Brand (Unique Name + Logo + Custom messages)

This is where you get to find your voice and connect with your customers. The internet is exploding with online brands and businesses, so distinguishing yourself and creating a clear brand is vital. You will need to choose your brand name, voice, tagline, or mission statement. Once you have the big-picture branding in place, you can focus on logos, fonts, colors, etc.

Like your name, your logo needs to be easily recognizable and unique. If you want a stand-out and distinctive name, try using a free business name generator. Remember that your name also impacts your website and domain name. Make sure your domain name of choice is available before making a final decision for your branding. Testing your brand name with a small group is also a good idea.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your branding color choices and typography. Pick a color and aesthetic that you can use across all your branding and labeling to create a consistent visual that will make you easily recognizable. Take into consideration color psychology and what will differentiate you from competitors.

We all know the most famous brands by well-known custom messages or slogans. Keep it brief, descriptive, and catchy.  As part of your brand research, understand what your competitors are doing, their products and services, and check out their social media accounts. The goal of this type of market research is to understand both what your competitors’ brands do well and don’t do well.

4. Choose A Selling Platform

Once you have a marketable branded dropshipping WordPress store set up, you can increase your profits by selling through some of the most well-known webshops, including Zalando, eBay, Bol.com, and Kaufland.de. Unlike lesser-known retailors, these sites get millions of visitors each month. What could be more perfect for establishing and promoting your new brand?


Marketplace Plugins
Bol.com plugin
Kaufland.de plugin
Marktplaats Pro plugin
2dehands plugin

With a WooCommerce extension for Zalando, for example, you can easily select products to push online. From January 2023, there is now a plugin available for eBay integration with WooCommerce, giving you the opportunity to sell your dropshipping products on one of the biggest marketplaces in the world.

5. Import Products

Once you have the main structure of your dropshipping WordPress store up and running, now you can start importing products. With a WooCommerce plugin, this is extremely easy. You automate incoming orders directly from well-known dropshipping suppliers, including vidaXL, AliExpress, or BigBuy, to your branded dropshipping store.


Dropshipping Plugins
vidaXL Dropshipping plugin
BigBuy Dropshipping plugin
Van der Meer Dropshipping plugin

When customers order branded products through your dropshipping store, everything happens in real-time through the plugin. You can import not just products but also the corresponding categories.

Be sure to set your own fixed prices to ensure your profit margins. Keep in mind, however, that depending on which supplier you use, you may need to follow up by emailing customers to update them on order processing and shipping.

6. Market Your Products And Store

With so much competition in the eCommerce world, it is important to market your products and online store effectively. Learning and implementing basic marketing skills is easier than you might think.

Start by first understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO for dropshipping) and how it could be used to market your store. Let’s be honest no one wants to scroll through endless Google pages to find what they want, and they usually click on first page options. If you take some time to optimize your dropshipping branded products and page, you can improve its position on search engines, including Google.

The first step is finding keywords for dropshipping, which has been made easy with tools like Semrush. The keywords are the most searched words or phrases input into Google. These are usually broken down into main keywords and secondary keywords. You must also optimize your eCommerce store structure, including content for categories and products.

Shopping online is all about convenience and speed, and customers will only hang around for a short time if your website is sluggish. Make sure to analyze page speed and put some work into improving speed if necessary.

Once you understand the basics of marketing for your branded dropshipping page, you can go a step further and begin link building. For example, if you sell beauty products, link to a blog that discusses similar topics, such as makeup looks, etc. Be careful, though, not just to link any old website and avoid spam at all costs.

Even better, work on creating a blog that implements what you have learned about SEO, keywords, and link building to help improve traffic to your website.


By taking advantage of the latest tool, starting your own branded dropshipping store is now straightforward and more accessible.

To be successful, however, you need to take some time setting up a well-executed brand, from choosing a suitable logo to mastering SEO and situating yourself on the right marketplaces online.

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