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How to Start Dropshipping With WordPress? The Most Streamlined Way

How to Start Dropshipping With WordPress The Most Streamlined Way
Are you looking to start dropshipping? Look no further than WordPress! With 42% of the top 10 million websites using the CMS in 2021, it's clear that WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems out there. And with good reason - it's user-friendly, customizable, and offers a wide range of features, including plugins, themes, and widgets.

Why use WordPress for Dropshipping?

But why specifically choose WordPress for dropshipping? When used correctly with the right plugins, it can automate and streamline almost every aspect of your dropshipping process. And with a large community of developers constantly creating new plugins and themes, there are limitations in options.

One of the most significant advantages of using WordPress for dropshipping is how easy it is to add, update, and organize products. You can also handle other e-commerce-related tasks, such as supplier management and SEO optimization, all from within the platform. So if you’re looking to start dropshipping, consider using WordPress to help make the process a breeze.

Dropshipping With WordPress

Dropshipping in WordPress can be automated using various plugins and tools. These plugins and tools can make running a dropshipping business more efficient and automated so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. Here are all the steps to start dropshipping with WordPress in the most streamlined way.

1. Choose a niche

We see that people start a dropshipping business and import all products from a dropshipping supplier, only to discover that they can’t find customers for their products. Don’t make this mistake. To become successful at dropshipping, make sure you choose the right products. This will make your dropshipping start-up process much more streamlined and efficient, and it’s essential to get the niche right; otherwise, it will be difficult to find clients, and all your work and investment will not pay off.

Check out our blogs, 10 Best Niches for Dropshipping that are the Most Profitable in 2023, and 10 Best High Ticket Dropshipping Niches in 2023, for practical tips.

Only import the product categories that are relevant to your niche. Once you have chosen the right niche, the Woosa dropshipping plugins make it accessible only to import the product categories you want so that you can narrow down to your specific niche. Besides, with the Woosa dropshipping plugins there is no need to create your categories manually. Both the products and categories are imported automatically together into your WordPress store.

Check out all our dropshipping WordPress plugins here!

2. Choose a domain name for your dropshipping store

The most straightforward way to find a domain name is to spend a little time brainstorming your ideas. Once you have a few ideas, use a domain name search engine to help you make the right choice. Most of the time, we make use of the TransIP domain search engine.

You can also use a domain name generator that will help you find the perfect domain name incredibly fast. This AI-powered tool not only enables you to find a domain name but it also checks availability so that you can register the one you like without any delays or issues.

3. Choose a host

Choose a host

Investing in a good hosting provider is also essential when dropshipping with WordPress. As you make a decision on which hosting provider to choose, focus on what will enable you best to streamline and automate your dropshipping business, selecting elements that help optimize, save time, and automate, including:

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Check PHP Version
  • Optimization of eCommerce
  • 1-click WordPress installation
  • Free Migration
  • 24/7 support
  • Regular backups
  • Automatic WordPress Updates
  • DDoS protection
  • Managed VPS

Please read our Server Recommendations to determine your technical requirements to run a successful dropshipping store on WordPress with thousands of products.

4. Install WordPress + WooCommerce

Luckily, it is straightforward to install WordPress including WooCommerce. Wait, hold up… WooCommerce?

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is the e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It adds webshop functionalities to WordPress to transform it into an online store. If you plan to create a dropshipping store, WordPress and WooCommerce are a must-have.

That having said, check out our WordPress installation tutorial video here, which takes you through the steps in less than seven minutes.

5. Choose a WordPress theme for your Dropshipping store

Okay, so now you have your WordPress up and running, it’s time to choose a theme. Selecting a suitable theme is a step that is very important for your dropshipping business to stand out in the crowd. Besides, the choice determines the performance of your webshop. Picking a poorly developed theme can slow your webshop down in any process. It is also a task that can take up much time if you are not careful.

Thankfully WordPress has made this step incredibly streamlined and straightforward, with no need to engage with designers or developers. WordPress offers a variety of layouts and plugins to suit all types of themes and demands.

Woosa advises only 2 WordPress themes, which are also compatible with WooCommerce;

Do you want more options? Check out our breakdown of the 10 Best Dropshipping WordPress Themes in 2023.

6. Set up the WooCommerce Dropshipping store

There is endless material on how to set up a WooCommerce dropshipping store online, so how do you streamline the process and find high-value information? You follow our Woocademy 7-day challenge! This video training takes you through everything you need to build a solid base for your e-commerce store.

Would you like to have your WooCommerce Dropshipping store up and running in just 7 days? Join the Woocademy 7-Day Challenge for FREE.

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7. Choose a dropshipping supplier

First, choose a product supplier that fits your needs so you don’t waste time setting up the wrong supplier connections. A few steps that will make choosing the right supplier more efficient are:

Start by doing proper research:

  • Talk directly with potential suppliers and their current customers;
  • Request product samples before making a final decision;
  • Read reviews online to see how other business owners have rated their products and services.

An excellent place to start is with one of the top WooCommerce dropshipping suppliers, as they are already set up for and used to dealing with dropshipping businesses:

  • BigBuy
  • VidaXL
  • Matterhorn Moda
  • Van der Meer
  • XXL Nutrition [coming soon]

Read more on choosing suppliers in our blog posts, 6 Best High Ticket Dropshipping Suppliers in 2023, and 5 Dutch dropshipping suppliers for your Business in 2023.

8. Install a Dropshipping plugin to import products easily

A potentially very time-consuming task when dropshipping with WordPress is importing products and keeping inventory actual. Thankfully our Dropshipping plugins allow you to manage your products and stock in the most streamlined way.

With our plugin, you can import multiple products and categories at once. To keep your webshop neat and fast, product images are not uploaded into WooCommerce itself. Stock availability takes place in real-time, with a maximum delay of 30 minutes, offering you and your customers the most up-to-date status and streamlined experience.

Checkout our 5 best WooCommerce dropshipping plugins for WordPress:

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Update prices and margins automatically

When running a dropshipping store with WordPress, the main goal is to make a profit with as little manual work as possible. One of the most challenging aspects of dropshipping is keeping enough margin when prices change at the dropshipping supplier.

When you dropship with WordPress, you can set prices and margins to update them automatically. In this way, you are sure of making enough profit. For example, with the Woosa vidaXL Dropshipping plugin, you can easily import products directly to your WooCommerce store and make sure they’re updated automatically.

Streamline your order process by auto-importing orders

As with product import and pricing, orders can be processed automatically using one of Woosa’s dropshipping plugins. Incoming orders are automatically transferred to dropshipping suppliers. This means your entire dropshipping process on WordPress is automated.

9. Choose a payment gateway

Choose a payment gateway

Streamlining your payments is undoubtedly a top priority for your new dropshipping store. With a WooCommerce-compatible payment gateway, such as Adyen, numerous payment methods are supported, including iDEAL, Bancontact, SOFORT, Giropay, Visa, American Express, Maestro, Mastercard, Discover, China UnionPay, PayPal, Alipay, Google Pay, SEPA direct debit, etc.

You can accept live payments within minutes, making the payment process super fast and saving you and your customers a lot of time.

10. Create content for your Dropshipping store

Content for your WordPress dropshipping store can be easily generated with AI tools like Jasper.ai and optimized with tools like Surferseo. However, remember that Google does not like non-original content, so it is always better to always use original content.

By following an SEO template for the page, you can speed the process up, defining the structure of an article using competitors as a reference, keyword research tools, and finally using Yoast on WordPress to analyze on-page metrics.

Check out our 10 WooCommerce SEO tips for product pages in 2023 for an in-depth look into improving your SEO on product pages.

Launch your Dropshipping store: Final Words!

These tips will help you significantly to streamline the process of starting your dropshipping business with WordPress and WooCommerce. You can also simplify and optimize your content with the right WordPress plugins and our training materials.

Check out our video training to make a dropshipping website with WordPress in 7 days.


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