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5 Dutch dropshipping suppliers for your Business in 2024

Dutch dropshipping suppliers for your Business
Dropshipping is still one of the most popular business models to start an online webshop with. However, dropshipping as a business model has received a bad name in general, mainly because of webshop owners themselves. This is mainly caused by the price/quality ratio and long delivery times.

More and more entrepreneurs are shifting to dropshipping suppliers closer to home. In this blog article, we offer some options for reliable Dutch dropshipping suppliers in combination with WordPress and WooCommerce.

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What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model for online stores offered by wholesale suppliers. As a webshop owner dropshipping is interesting since you don’t have to purchase a high volume of products at once. You literally pay-as-you-go; when you have received an order in your webshop, you will send this order to the dropshipping supplier for dispatch directly to your customer.

Among the advantages of dropshipping, we can list the following:

  • dropshipping has a low initial investment;
  • it is not necessary to hold any stock nor to have a physical distribution center for this purpose;
  • no need to worry about packing or shipping orders;
  • if the chosen products are low in demand, it is possible to rearrange the virtual store without losing capital.

How to choose a supplier for your Dropshipping business?

Choosing a supplier for your Dutch dropshipping business is one of the most important decisions in starting an online dropshipping store. If your supplier isn’t reliable, the blame will be on you and it will affect your store. Be sure you choose someone responsible and committed to having your back. Knowing that, is there any method to follow?

Keep an eye on the following key indicators, you’re working with a good dropshipping supplier:

  • Their sign-up flow shows that they are checking the online entrepreneurs that are creating a Dropshipping account on their platform. They either do an extensive verification or get in touch with you via email or phone.
  • The average delivery time is between 2-3 days. If they have enough stock and are located in the Netherlands, they can promise a delivery time of 2-3 business days.
  • The Dropshipping supplier is transparent and easy to reach. Their customer service replies fast and the location of their distribution centers is easy to find.

5 Best Dutch Dropshipping suppliers

Best Dutch dropshipping suppliers

1. VidaXL – best Dropshipping supplier in Europe

VidaXL is one of the largest dropshipping suppliers in Europe. Few people know that vidaXL was founded by Dutch guys. Therefore they have 2 distribution centers in the Netherlands. What does that mean for you? That the products of vidaXL – in general – have an average delivery time of 1 business day.

The most significant part of the vidaXL product catalog consists of furniture and home accessories. They sell low and high-quality products. Herein, as a Dropshipper of vidaXL, you have to be careful which products you offer to keep your customers satisfied with the quality as well.

Because vidaXL is so popular, there is also a lot of competition all over Europe. The products of vidaXL are frequently sold on marketplaces like bol.com and Amazon. So you must be creative to earn a nice living from a Dropshipping webshop in combination with vidaXL.

Are you planning to start your own Dropshipping store with vidaXL as a supplier? You can easily automate the entire process and save tons of hours.

  • Import thousands of products to your WooCommerce store at once;
  • Synchronize stock levels and prices automatically;
  • Send orders from WooCommerce to vidaXL and retrieve the Track & Trace code.

Try the vidaXL WooCommerce plugin for free for 14 days.

2. BigBuy

BigBuy is not a Dutch dropshipping supplier; the main office is in Spain. However, the product catalog and delivery time are very interesting for Dutch webshop owners.

BigBuy has a wide range of products in different product categories. Whether it is home, garden, sports, electronics or erotic articles, BigBuy has it! The delivery time averages 2-3 business days, a period that you can reasonably get away with nowadays if your service and price align with the market.

Besides, BigBuy offers a wider range of well-known brands such as Philips, Segway and many more. Similar to vidaXL, BigBuy also has a lot of competition. You will therefore have to distinguish yourself in some way to stand out from other webshops using BigBuy as their dropshipping supplier.

Using BigBuy with a WooCommerce store makes your entrepreneurial life easy and straightforward. You can automate literally every single process, from importing thousands of products to synchronizing stock and prices.

Are you ready to experience it for yourself? Try the BigBuy WooCommerce plugin for free for 14 days.

3. EDC Wholesale

EDC Wholesale is a wholesaler of erotic articles. The sister of EDC Wholesale owns the consumer webshop Easy Toys and Pabo. So are you looking for a Dropshipping supplier in erotic products? Then you have come to the right place.

EDC also has a particular product catalog. The catalog needs to suit you for EDC to work for you as a dropshipping supplier. If this is the case, delivery times are favorable; ordered today is delivered tomorrow (on business days).

EDC does not have a ready-to-use WooCommerce plugin. However, we can easily automate the product synchronization between EDC and WooCommerce. We’re experts, so what can we not automate with WooCommerce, right? 😉

4. Axihandel

Axihandel is in our opinion the Dropshipping supplier in the Netherlands with the most prominent product catalog. The supplier is also known for its large assortment of A-brands, such as a Philips vacuum cleaner, a Leifheit mop or an Intex pool. If you want to sell the best brands, you have reached the right place at Axihandel.

Also, the delivery times of Axihandel are good; ordered today is delivered tomorrow (on business days). In other words, all the success factors are combined with Axihandel for a successful dropshipping webshop.

But what about WooCommerce? Axihandel only delivers a product data feed and has no ready-to-use plugins for webshop platforms like WooCommerce. Nevertheless, we can easily automate the product synchronization between Axihandel and WooCommerce. We already have a lot of experience in automating the process for this Dropshipping supplier.

5. Van der Meer

Van der Meer is located in Rotterdam and focuses exclusively on pet supplies. The company once started as a regular wholesaler but now offers a wide range of products through dropshipping. The benefit of Van der Meer is the assortment; they offer A-brands in pet supplies, think as Pedigree and YourDog, but also own developed brands.

It is also easy to link Van der Meer to WooCommerce using the Van der Meer WooCommerce plugin. This plugin not only allows you to import products into your WooCommerce store, but it also updates the stock and sends orders automatically to Van der Meer for shipment directly to your customer.

The only downside to Van der Meer is that their product range is very specific. Don’t want to sell animal supplies? Then this dropshipping supplier is not suitable for you. In addition, the competition is cut-throat in animal supplies. You must develop a unique business model to make a difference and earn money.

Last but not least, Van der Meer ships to the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany within 1-3 business days!

Many more Dutch Dropshipping suppliers

There are dozens of other Dutch dropshipping suppliers with whom we currently have no concrete experience but who we hear are excellent suppliers for the Dutch market.

Dropshipping for WooCommerce

To become successful in dropshipping, automation is necessary. However, many dropshipping suppliers do not have a ready-to-use WooCommerce plugin, making this often more complicated.

The goal of Woosa is to make it easy to automate any Dropshipping supplier with WooCommerce. Please share your ideas, and maybe our following plugin will be with the Dropshipping supplier of your preference.

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