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10 Best High-Ticket Dropshipping Niches in 2023

Best High Ticket Dropshipping Niches
The most popular business models for dropshipping are low-ticket dropshipping and high-ticket dropshipping. What is the difference and how to choose the Best High-Ticket Dropshipping Niche in 2023?

To start your high-ticket dropshipping business, we advise you first to define a high-ticket dropshipping niche. A niche is a specific part of a distinct market to which a particular target audience is attached.

How can you determine which high-ticket dropshipping niche is right for your market and business? What niche has the best potential when starting? If you’re struggling with these questions, you’ve come to the right place!

When starting a high-ticket dropshipping business, you make it much easier on yourself when deciding which niche you want to operate in advance. This allows you to target your audience and promote your online business in a focused way.

However, determining the right niche can be quite a challenge. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the best high-ticket dropshipping niches and have an overview of them to make it easier for you to choose yours. Sounds great, right?

What is High-Ticket Dropshipping?

High-Ticket Dropshipping means selling expensive products with more significant margins than Low-Ticket Dropshipping where you sell cheap products with tiny margins. High-ticket dropshipping can make your store profitable with fewer sales than low-ticket dropshipping. This makes high-ticket dropshipping immensely popular with starting entrepreneurs.

Say it yourself; would you need 500 or 50 sales per month to be profitable instead? I bet I can tell what your preferred situation is!

10 Best High-Ticket Dropshipping Niches

Do you want to run a successful dropshipping business? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dropshipper, determining the right high-ticket dropshipping niche is always the first step. This is because the niche in which you operate as a dropshipper partly determines the success of your business. Not sure where to start for finding the perfect niche? Luckily, we’ll spill the tea in this blog article.

You may also be interested in the best products for high ticket dropshipping.

1. Smartwatches

Technology, including smartwatches, continues to advance at lightning speed, with improvements and more features being added constantly. The popularity of smartwatches has only increased in recent years. If you consult the figures in Google Trends, you will see that interest in smartwatches has grown tremendously.

This applies to all countries within Europe and beyond. Smartwatches are already part of a small niche, but you can make it even more concentrated. For example, you can focus only on specific sports or special smartwatches for women. Smartwatches can send notifications, receive calls, and hold your favorite apps. The popularity of smartwatches will continue to grow for potential customers, which makes it a remarkable and profitable niche.

Do you already know where you can find these dropshipping products? Take a look at Best High Ticket Dropshipping Suppliers.

2. Furniture

Furniture, including tables, sofas, cabinets, and wardrobes, is an ever-growing high-ticket dropshipping niche. The international furniture market is expected to grow to $718.3 billion by 2025. The growth of the furniture niche is guided by several factors, including rising disposable income and the urge of consumers to spice up their decorations occasionally. Consumers are moving away from sitting on the same sofa for the upcoming 20 years. We want to show off what we have and how we can do that best? Precisely, with our brand new furniture.

Luckily it’s effortless to start your high-ticket dropshipping store with vidaXL. They offer a wide range of affordable and expensive furniture through dropshipping. Automate the entire process and enjoy time with your family using our vidaXL WooCommerce plugin.

3. Innovative products for the home

Technological developments are constantly evolving. As a result, this is increasingly reflected in our homes. Convenience is a must for customers and many people now invest in products that provide more comfort in their homes and daily lives. For instance, think of wireless thermostats, lightning, electric humidifiers, wireless sound systems, etc. Technology and innovation are a substantial niche.

If you want to be active within this niche, focusing on a particular room in the house or a particular product group is essential. Consider your target audience’s lifestyle and what is important, like saving space and time. The audience that automates almost everything in their home has enough budget to spend on gadgets helping them achieve this mission.

BigBuy is a European Dropshipping supplier with an extensive catalog of technology and innovative products. Set a great example by automating your entire dropshipping business in technology and innovation products with our BigBuy WooCommerce plugin.

4. Kitchen electronics

One of the best-selling and evergreen niches is kitchen electronics. Some best-selling kitchen appliance products for dropshipping include juicers, blenders, microwaves, and accessories. What makes it even easier is that influencers often advise and promote these products. For example, influencers promoting a healthy vegan lifestyle often show off their juicer or blender.

Besides, more and more people are aware of what they eat and try to become healthier. The problem of potential customers is very actual; luckily you have the solution already in your hands.

BigBuy is again the best Dropshipping supplier if you want a reliable dropshipper with many A-brands in electronic kitchen goods.

5. Camping equipment

Camping will not go out of style soon, as people value the outdoors and getting out of busy and built-up cities more than ever before. The key to making any dropshipping business profitable, but especially high-ticket products like camping equipment, is taking time to source the right products from suitable suppliers. Given that the camping industry is quite profitable, you’ll see several wholesale dropshipping suppliers for tactical gear and other items for camping. Regarding camping equipment as a dropshipping niche, do not about general gear but more specialized things—for example, smell-proof bags, water filtration systems, roadside kits, and survival tools.

6. Car detailing tools

Car equipment accessories can be one of the most profitable dropshipping niches and have lots of potential for growth in the future. Some of the best automotive accessories include anti-freeze snow covers, steering wheel covers, phone holders, and wireless chargers. Lately, something else got popular: car detailing.

Many TikTok videos go viral over people making filthy cars shiny in minutes (and sometimes hours). Selling car detailing tools as a high-ticket dropshipping niche can be very profitable. Besides, it’s very easy to promote your products by recording tons of videos and sharing them online.

7. Digital cameras and camera accessories

We have already discussed the growing popularity of social media forums like TikTok and Instagram. Because of this, more people are showing interest in photography. Cameras and accessories are increasing in demand and have a remarkable dropshipping niche. Digital cameras are constantly improving and can be sourced at reasonable prices, meaning there is an excellent opportunity for a well-designed dropshipping brand to make a profit.

Also, there are a lot of big and small influencers testing out the camera gear and promoting particular products. This makes this high-ticket dropshipping niche extra interesting. Looking for A-brands in cameras and accessories? Take a look at – again – BigBuy!

8. Expensive hobbies

Because hobbies are passion-based niches, there is a high-profit potential. The toys and hobby niche will grow to $106,766 by 2025. Some of the most expensive hobbies for your dropshipping business include sky diving, scuba diving, yacht racing, mountain climbing, antique collection, and archery. Take a little time to research a particular target market. For example, you could focus on water sports as your high-ticket dropshipping niche. Yoga boards, paddle boards, and kayaks make great high-ticket hobby-related dropshipping products.

Do you have an expensive hobby of your own? Stop searching; you already have your high-ticket niche!

9. Electric bikes and bicycles

Electric bikes are currently top-rated and will continue to be a consumer favorite. The key to electric bicycles and equipment is finding a reliable supplier and most importantly, quality control. For high-ticket articles like electric bikes, confirming and testing quality is vital to ensure customer satisfaction and the long-term profitability of your dropshipping store.

Besides, a dropshipping business in electric bikes gives an extra opportunity. Electric bicycles need maintenance and recycling of mandatory accessories such as batteries. Find out the biggest issue with electric bikes, and you will have your niche.

10. Garden Care

Because we have all had to spend more and more time in our homes over the last few years, people put more value in their homes and gardens. The furniture and home decor revenue was approximately $132 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow to $208 billion by 2025. The first dropshipping niche we advised was already furniture.

The other benefit of garden care as a high-ticket dropshipping niche is many product options, including lawn mower robots, garden tool sets, and solar-powered lighting. In this case, vidaXL is your go-to dropshipping supplier. They have everything for your home indoors and outdoors.


As well as those mentioned above the best high-ticket dropshipping niches, there are plenty of other niches you can focus on as a dropshipper. Whichever niche you choose, you must have an affinity with the niche you operate. After all, you want a specific click with your target audience. If you are not sincere about the products you sell in your business, it is challenging to convey enthusiasm to others. There is nothing more frustrating than selling products you do not like.

Are you just getting started with defining your high-ticket dropshipping niche? Then always ensure you know how to distinguish yourself from your competitors and conduct market research beforehand. You can be very passionate about a particular product, but focusing an entire business on it makes little sense if there is no market.

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